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Help Needed for HSUS Dogs!

April 25, 2013 Update: Wanted to share some positive news. The woman from the big hoarding case that we took so many pets from that HSUS took so many pets from came to a close today. The woman plead guilty and has a LIFETIME ban on owning pets! Yeah!!! Thank you to HSUS for their hard work on this case and thank you to the court in this case that ensured that no other pets will live like these did. We had 47 from this case, most have already been adopted but there are still almost 20 left that need a new loving home.

Second Chance spent a week helping out with the care and feeding of over 100 animals from an HSUS hoarding case. Thanks to the great work of HSUS in going on this property to help get these animals out and start them on the road to a new life. Now that the judge has released the animals for adoption, we were asked to help take in some of these animals. The list goes on. We have agreed to take in over 40 of the pets from this case. This is what we are doing every day for these animals as our part of their journey to a new life. Next will be finding them wonderful homes so they will enjoy the rest of their lives in comfort and surrounded by love.

Blaze's Story:

Blaze May 24, 2013: Blaze who is blind is doing much better this week and is enjoying his time in his foter home while he is waiting for his forever home. You'd never know that he is blind!

April 18, 2013: Well, we got the sad confirmation today that there is nothing that can be done to restore Blaze's eyesight. Blaze is one of the dogs from the recent hoarding case. We had so hoped to be able to restore some sight for him. We brought him to a specialist today to see and they stated that the retinas are dead so there is no surgery to help him. While we are very sad about this, Blaze is an amazing dog and has adapted well to not having sight. Most likely he has not had sight for some time. He is currently in foster care and doing great. He is up for adoption and is a LOVE!

April 14, 2013: Had to share this picture of Blaze, the blind dog from the hoarding case. He looks SO happy in his foster home, and now has another one of the dogs from this case in the foster home as well. He is adjusting beautifully! We will be getting him to the opthamologist shortly to see if there is anything that can be done to restore any sight for him.

BlazeAbout Blaze: Of course, we were drawn to the neediest of the group. So, we are now caring for Blaze, a blind dog, from this case. We are working to get him to a specialist to see if there is a possibility of restoring at least some of his sight. Another dog, a beautiful black Great Pyrenes is in need of eye surgery on both eyes. Our Wellness Center veterinarians are preparing to do that surgery so that this wonderful big teddy bear will no longer suffer from infections and pain in those eyes.

Sabrina's Story:

SabrinaJune 6, 2013: Check out the latest picture of Sabrina! Wow!!! She has gained weight, her coat is now shiny, and her eyes look great after surgery! For those that haven't seen her before, she is one of the dogs from the hoarding case and was very thin, needed multiple surgeries and was matted. What a beauty she has become She is with her foster family who will be adopting her as soon as we finish her medical care.

Sabrina May 24, 2013: Sabrina is having her eye surgery this week. We will post her update next week.

April 25, 2013: We HAVE to share this update on Sabrina aka Rosie who is in a foster to adopt home (she can't be officially adopted until she finishes her surgeries). She is one of the dogs from the recent hoarding case. Happy tears to read this!!!
Click here to read Sabrina's update!

April 19, 2013: Sabrina is another dog from this case. We knew she would need to be spayed and have eye surgery to help prevent the infections that had plaqued her n the past. While spaying her, we had to remove a mass from an old hernia. It is thankfully benign. While undergoing dental surgery, further dental issues were discovered which will require a second surgery. Her eye surgery is more important right now and she will undergo that in a few weeks, once she recovers from the dental surgery. Your heart goes out to her to see her have to go through so much, but at each turn she looks and feels better. This week she was also able to get all the matts removed from her fur. These were causing her discomfort because they were pulling on her hair. Thanks to Helen from Cedarwood Kennels who donated her tim to do this, Sabrina now looks beautiful and feels better too! We are happy to report that she has a home waiting for her. They will take her in as a foster until all her surgeries are complete and we can officially release her for adoption. We are so happy that she will be with her family while she continues to get the medical care she needs.

April 17, 2013: Well we found out today that Sabrina is going to need another dental surgery. She has serious damage to some of her teeth and will need further surgery. Feel bad for Sabrina as this is her second surgery and she still needs eye surgery. Very sad when pets do not receive the care they need. She is one of the sweeties from the hoarding case. She is an absolute love and loves everyone she meets.

About Sabrina: Sabrina is another dog from this hoarding case. She needs eye surgery. She has just undergone a surgery for spay and to remove a large benign mass in her abdomen. As soon as she recovers from this surgery she has to undergo double etropian surgery on her eyes. She is extremely sweet and loving, always with a wagging tail.

Peanut's Story:

Peanut May 9, 2013: UPDATE on Peanut!!! The little Yorkie mix that we took from the Ohio hoarding case had her surgery yesterday on both of her back legs to fix her luxating patellas (floating kneecaps). The surgery went well and prognosis is good! Now, she has 8 - 12 weeks of recouperation in her foster home. This sweet little girl is going to be able to walk so much better once she is fully healed!!!!

This is Peanut who has luxating patellas on both legs. This surgery will help her to be able to walk better and without pain. She is a 3-4 year old yorkie mix from this case. She is a sweet dog that loves attention and to be able to run around with the other dogs.

Sara's Story:

SaraThank you for the note about Sara. Where shall I start? She has started to slowly come out of her shell and loves to jump around like a bunny. She is learning so many new things: how to chew a bone, how to play with fuzzy toys, how to sleep on a clean dogbed, how to walk on grass, how to use a leash . It's almost like she is smiling all day long. She is a real delight and so soft and cuddly ( when you can catch her). Her big sister dog , Lily, has been teaching her some new tricks and they enjoyed the first camping trip of the season. Sara was a trooper in a long car drive and it looks like she will be fun to take on outings. The hardest part will be potty training since she still thinks it's okay to squat wherever she feels like it. I am so glad that she is a part of my little family , though, and every day brings some new progress. Everyone wants her. Thank you for bringing her here all the way from Ohio. It's so strange to see her in the video perched on the cat tower, top shelf , and to see her now. Woof , woof. Fran

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