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A Pet's PeaceThis page is dedicated to our furry companions and friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Those of us who knew them have been forever changed by their love and loyalty. They will not be forgotten.

We welcome additions to this page (it does not have to be a Second Chance pet). Please email us with a photo and description of the pet that you wish to see memorialized. If you would also like to make a donation in memory of your pet or a friend's pet, please click the PayPal button:


In Memory of Schaffer
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
April 1, 2013

Schaffer crossed the rainbow bridge today after more than 12 years with us. We picked him up at the Second Chance Shelter in 2001 when he was just a young dog. We enjoyed many great times and life changes with him as we grew to a family of three children and loved him all through his life. We will miss him deeply and appreciated being his his family. RIP Schaffer! We love you!

Chris and Lara Stawasz and Family


In Memory of Benny
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 18, 2013

It is with a heavy and broken heart that we had to bid so long to our Benny on Friday, January 18. We adopted Benny on September 9, 2008 from Second Chance, and he was the best friend and companion anyone could have wanted. He had been found as a stray in North Brookfield, and after no one claimed him, he was fortunate enough to be brought to Second Chance. Diagnosed with Lyme disease, he was then treated and ready to go to his forever home. Upon meeting him I couldn't help but think what a furry mess because he was bushy haired and didn't smell particularly nice. But, there was something in those eyes as many of you know that just speaks to you and says, I'm the one for you. Finally, after meeting with him a few times we decided he was the dog for us. Thank you Second Chance for allowing us the blessing of providing a loving home for this boy. His first important appointment was off to be groomed. When I picked him up about 4 hours later, I could hardly believe my eyes. He was so beautiful that he looked like a show dog. Standing before me was what ended up being my favorite name to call him, "My beautiful baby boy."ť He was estimated to be about 3 1/2 years old, but to me he would always be my beautiful baby boy. I just had to bring him to the shelter that same day so they could see how beautiful he really was. We were so happy that Joe Craig, Benny's favorite person at the shelter, was there to see this beautiful transformation. That was only the beginning of the most wonderful four years anyone could have. Although it wasn't nearly long enough, Benny taught me the faithfulness and love of a true companion. He was constantly bombarded with health issues, but never lost his loving and quiet spirit. Over the past few months he developed a condition called Masticatory Myositis. It's a condition in which the muscles that allow a dog to chew become inflamed and can eventually lead to a dog being unable to open their mouth. After weeks of treatment with a steroid medication, Benny was still unable to barely open his mouth enough to get his food or water into his mouth, and seemed to develop an overall weakness throughout his body. The hardest decision is when to know when it's time to end their suffering and let them go with dignity. It would have been easy to allow selfishness cloud my judgement because there wasn't a single moment that Benny was not with me. He was my best friend and my constant companion, and facing the days ahead without him I knew would be difficult. I couldn't imagine not ever seeing those beautiful, soft brown eyes ever again. My beautiful baby boy, I will love you always, and thank you for the unconditional love you so freely gave. Our time was too short, but may you rest in peace now and know that you will forever be missed.

Benny's mom, Ann Mellor


In Memory of Mojo
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
October 22, 2012

I am writing to let you know that Mojo passed on October 22, 2012. Memories still fill me with gratitude for his spirit and love of life. Mojo taught me about why we have pets, led me into new trails to explore in our local conservation area, and provided me will love and the chance to love. I will miss him, and I wouldn't have missed him for the world.

Mariann R.

JD Power to Score

In Memory of JD
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
August 15, 2012

It is with great sadness to annouce the passing of JD Power to Score. JD the bob tailed- stubborn greyhound who had his lovable quirks on 8/15 about 2 he was doing his favorite activity- chasing and catching Milo's meatballs in the yard. He was tearing around like a banchi!!! His favorite time of the day. For some reason that will never be known his femur shattered. Blood curling howling. He did hop himself into the house refusing the assistance of his mom. Off to the vet. He hopped in-- stubborn to the end...Knowing he was 13 and the extent of the injury JD became an angel just after 3pm. He joins many other greys in heaven and will be missed.

Lilly, Bo, Mom and Dad


In Memory of Baker
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
July 23, 2012

We adopted Baker about eight years ago. He was a great dog, and "ruled" the Boylston Common, which he thought belonged to him. Today he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We think he was twelve years old. We miss him already. We adopted him from Second Chance, and his life truly was a "second chance." He had been a stray and typical of some stray dogs, he had recovered from Lyme Disease and Heartworm. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to bring him in our home as part of our family. He was a joy in our lives, and we will remember him always. Please pray for our family now, as we deal with this huge loss. We know he is in a better place.

Love to all at Second Chance, Kathy Buchanan


In Memory of Coco
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 11, 2012

I got my guinea pig, Coco, 5 years ago and have loved her since I first laid eyes on her. She's always been the most vocal of our guinea pigs, the one always chatting and exploring. It was impossible to open the fridge without her squeaking like crazy for some food. She'd always give me kisses and if I was upset, she'd lick my tears away. She was such a lively and happy guinea pig, but she went rapidly down hill in a few days due to a tumor in her stomach, she was put down today, 11th May 2012. I haven't stopped crying, and I miss her so so so much. I'm glad she's not in pain anymore, and I know she'd be happier and she doesn't deserve to suffer. I love her so much, I miss you Cocobell. I'll see you again some day. *Infinite hugs and kisses*.

Holly, and the rest of the family.


In Memory of Sophie
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 10, 2012

Sophie (formely known as Sienna) passed away on May 10, 2012. We adopted her in April 2001 from the Second Chance Animal Shelter. For eleven years, from her adoption to her passing, she brought so much love, joy, and companionship to our family. Words cannot describe how much she meant to all of us, and how much we miss her. She truly loved life and lived everyday to the fullest. She loved to walk and to be with people, dogs and even cats. Though she had many stuffed toys over the years, there was one special one that she had since her adoption that looked like a brown hedge hog that she would treat very carefully and regularly carry around the house. We will always be greatful for having Sophie as part of our family and thankful for Second Chance Animal Shelter for all that they do and for bringing us together eleven years ago. You will forever be loved and missed by us until we meet again.

Charlie and the Kilmer Family


In Memory of Shamus
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
April 25, 2012

This is our best pal Shamus. We got Shamus from Second Chance almost two years ago when my daughter saw him on your web site. Getting the older dog, age 8 when he became part of our family we thought great a older dog to help our young two year old lab. He was fantastic from the day we brought him home. A real love bug as my wife would say, cuddling with us in bed just loving life with his new family. He loved to walk and was great to jog with as he loved to pull you up hills. Swimming as you can see was another favorite, as he loved the water where our young female lab is little sinker when swimming. The picture is him back from one of his walks trying to cool off. I've had labs all my life, but Shamus was a special one. I've never met a lab that could smile when he saw you but he did and I loved it. He crossed over yesterday after a short illness, April 25, 2012. We will forever miss him and his special gift to us that he brought. The best dog we've ever had even for the short time we had him...our other lab is lost without her buddy to play with, we love you with all our hearts Shamus and miss you greatly....

The Parsons


In Memory of Buddi
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
April 3, 2012

I remember the first time we went to the shelter to look for a small dog. I took one look at Buddi and he smiled at me. My husband and I went in the kennel to look at him they let him out and he knocked me down and licked me all over. That was it for us we got him at 1yr old we lost him at such a short time. He gave us more love then we ever thought possible. Thank you for giving us such happiness when we met my best friend.

Gail Audette


In Memory of Prancer
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
2000 - March 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Prancer

You were a pudgy little puppy when you chose us at the shelter. You entered our lives at the holidays and did all of the expected things a curious and active puppy would do. When your mistress pronounced that you would be kept in the kitchen, your first cries caused your mistress to cradle you like a baby. All night. You chewed up new carpeting, left liquid and solid presents attimes. You would race around the backyard when I got you wound up. My constant companion when I was grilling. There always seemed to be an extra piece or two of cheese. Sunday morning eggs we something you vocalized about as your impatience got the better of youand made everyone pay for later in the day. You were the lower bunk in DJ's bunk bed, Collin's "treat" buddy, Allie's running/walking buddy, Torrie's greeter as she came through the front door and Helena's baby. Those jowls could absorb quarts of water and liberally distribute it wherever you walked. Always on the prowl for something forgotten on the floor or fed directly from the table by those who will remain nameless. Who can forget the winter you decided to make the backyard pool your personal race track or when the pool cover came off and you were swimming. Your two encounters with skunks. A silly, loveable and loved dog, you are part of all of us. Rest in Peace my fourlegged Friend. Keep Jenny company in Heaven.

We Love and Miss You, Dave,Helen, Torrie, Allie, DJ, and Collin


In Memory of Brittany
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
March 7, 2000 - January 23, 2012

Brittany, I miss you so dearly,
faithfully by my side for years,
but sickness and pain made you grow weary,
now that you are gone my heart is broken and eyes filled with tears.
Much more than just a pet to me,
closer than any other could ever be,
you were my best friend you see,
loyal and loving unconditionally.
It broke my heart to have to let you go,
but with your pain it would be wrong to keep you here for me.
I gave you permission to crossover because I know,
across the Rainbow Bridge you will be.
When I crossover I long to see,
as your eyes sparkle and your body painfree,
head held high you run to me,
my heart once again you will fill with joy.
I yearn for that glorious day,
when with your face aglow you run joyfully,
to by my side forever be,
once again youthful and bold.
To rub your stomach and scratch your ears,
to me will never grow old,
with you in my arms my eyes fill with tears.
I miss you and long to hold you so bad,
I hold onto the happy years together we had.
I will cross that Rainbow Bridge one day,
then by my side you can forever stay.
To feel on my leg your nose to touch,
remember Brittany, "Daddy" loves you so very much.

James Wellborn


In Memory of Samantha
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
June 4, 1997 - December 20, 2011

Samantha's life started out very rough she was born outside and found by my grandmother half alive. My grandmother and Aunt nursed her back to health by hand feeding her until she was healthy enough to eat on her own,then she was given to me. She was a little black cat with a feisty attitude and the brightest most beautiful yellow eyes I had ever seen. She was my best friend for 14yrs. She was my first baby and was with me thru the birth of my three children. Samantha always let me know if someone was coming to the door and if she needed something she would let you know that too with the softest meow and a rub of her head against your leg. She loved laying on the floor and playing with her toys. She will be missed forever by my children, fiancee and myself. In her 14yrs she brought alot of love and entertainment to us all..I will miss seeing her everyday by my feet where she always was. You will forever be loved and missed by us.

Shasta, Evan, Ethan, Elysia and Joe


In Memory of Thimble
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 24, 2012

At Second Chance we often take on tough cases. But in doing so, we face the reality that sometimes pets come to us when they are beyond our help. Thimble came to us as a 10 year old Shitzu mix with severe medical issues. Tests showed that she had Cushings Disease, a seizure disorder, liver/bladder issues, and a possible brain tumor. Each test we did brought more bad news. Medications and treatments were used to try and help this sweet little girl, but to no avail. The seizures continued to get worse, even with medications to control them. Thimble had been in foster care since shortly after she arrived at the shelter. Her foster mom, Julie, took care of her every day, rushed her to our Wellness Center when she had emergencies, and brought her back and forth to the Center for treatments. Every day hoping that there would be something that would turn this little girls life around and help her be well. Sadly, on 1/24 the decision had to be made. She was no longer eating and was getting worse by the day. The bright spot for Thimble is that she knew lots of love and comfort in her final months thanks to our wonderful foster home system. People like Julie that give of their time and open up their homes to pets in need. While we know we can't always save them all, we know that we can give them ALL love and comfort.


In Memory of Rusty
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
June 1, 1998 - January 23, 2012

Rusty, Rust, Rust-bucket, Red Dog... Sweetest dog ever. Found running down a highway in Connecticut with his sister, Abby, a kind person stopped and rescued both puppies. We met him when he was 7 months old, named him Rusty, and welcomed him into our home. At first, he was timid and would “hit the deck” whenever he saw anyone in a baseball cap so we stopped wearing them for a long time. Our vet at the time told us that he was too nervous, that Viszlas were an untrustworthy breed, that he would bite someone, that we should put him to sleep or give him away. We saw Rusty in a totally different way….sweet, tolerant, affectionate, and loyal. My heart went out to him and he needed us as much as we needed him. Rusty never really liked to ride in the car, presumably because he was thrown out of one, but he trusted us and in he’d go for various hikes and vacations. He grew up to be a beautiful, happy, gentle dog. Rusty adored kids, tolerated other dogs, and bonded closest to me. He was always MY dog and came to me for everything. He began suffering seizures before he was a year old and I would sit with him, pet and talk to him, until he recovered. He’d thank me with kisses. I was incredibly tuned into him throughout his life. His favorite toy was a “jolly ball”. He used to go around the yard and collect all the toys and guard them from our other dogs, but not from us. And he always liked having his butt scratched and he'd dance his back feet up and down. Sometimes I think I saw more of his tail end than his head. He reminded me where the cookie jar was many times a day and loved saltine crackers. Rusty loved to have his face rubbed and he’d push his nose under my hand so I’d pet him. He was an attention hog - always happiest when he was touching me, lying next to me, or being pet. It was like he couldn’t get close enough and it was endearing. The older he got, the whiter he became, and my vet always teased me that I pet all the red off of him. Rusty enjoyed 13 ˝ wonderful years with us and we loved him so much. Rest in Peace, Rusty. I miss him with all my heart.

Lisa Westwell


In Memory of JJ (Garnett John)
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 16, 2004 - January 21, 2012

So I walked into the shelter one cold Jan. day in 2006 expecting to foster a sweet little fawn grey girl named Debra. When I stepped through the door the first thing I heard was "we'd like you to take John, he's very needy grey who was just returned from a foster home and needs extra care." I took one look at the wild black boy jumping at the kennel door, with his torn coat, the one I brought for him when he first came in, hanging off of him soaked in urine and barking like a madman. I didn't think I'd be able to take him because my alpha female, Cali hated males to begin with and this one was just out of control. I agreed to "try" it and off we went. When I got him home I sent the girls out so I could clean him up then introduce them. I brought the girls in one by one and let them get acquainted....Tessa was thrilled to have a brother, Cali looked at him, gave him the "I'm the boss stare" and proceeded to squat and pee on his coat that I'd taken off him and tossed on the floor. I figured I'd have him sleep downstairs uncrated and that way if he woke up and needed to go out I'd be right by him sleeping on the couch. So I had a nice comfy bed all waiting for him but he jumped right up on the couch with me, heaved a huge sigh, settled right down and drifted off to sleep with his paw touching my hand. He was a completely different dog. The next day he got a bath and introduced the the upstairs which is our main living area. There he took the middle of the couch as each girl had an end. I named him JJ. That night he decided to sleep with me on the bed and that's where he spent every night after that. I guess I knew then that he was not a foster at all but here to stay. He was always such a sweet boy and could make me laugh with his goofiness. Whenever we would see a police car when we walked he'd strain to look to see if it was Val, his former foster Mom because he knew if it was she'd stop and he'd get pets and ear scritches. I've lost both of my original two girls now and JJ was a wonderful teacher for the 9 fosters who eventually did pass though our doors and into wonderful new homes. Always a gentleman he'd even share the bed if a foster wanted to lie there with him.

Two weeks ago I took him to the vet because he was limping in his left hind leg. I thought maybe he strained something playing in the snow but the x-rays proved different. After two separate 2nd opinions it was certain that it was bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and not just a bruised bone or infection as we hoped. The pain was not manageable even with the combination of meds so with a heavy heart I let him go. JJ had a rough start in life as his racing career never got off the ground and when he came into the shelter he was in bad shape. I hope the life he lived here made him as happy as it did me and erased all the negative things he experienced before. I admit he was spoiled.......but after all he deserved it. He is loved and will be missed more than I can say, I loved that big crazy black boy................. I especially miss him at night when he'd be hogging the king size waterbed with his head under my pillow and a paw on me. I hope he's running fast and pain free now at the Rainbow Bridge with Cali & Tessa and may they rest on the softest of Angel's wings together once again...............

Sheila P.


In Memory of Buddy
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
December 30, 2011

Buddy (right) was adopted from Second Chance in late September 2010 because Bailey (left) had lost her two life-long canine friends--first, Mercedes in April 2009 and then Dylan in April 2010. Bailey suffered from severe anxiety when left alone--even for a few hours--she had always had another dog with her.

So Bailey and I set off to Second Chance to find her a new companion. When I first saw Buddy, he was laying quietly in the cage while the other dogs were jumping and barking in their cages. There was something in Buddy's eyes that spoke to me. Buddy and Bailey got along great even though Bailey was 13 yrs. old and Buddy was estimated to be between 3 and 5 yrs. old. Every day Buddy would lick Bailey's face and they frequently slept in the same dog bed even though they each had their own dog bed. Sometimes, Buddy would lie on Bailey and vice versa. Bailey loved soft squeaky toys and was more than willing to share her collection with Buddy. Last Christmas, Santa brought Buddy some of his own toys which he never minded sharing with Bailey. Every day Buddy would come to me with the "toy of the day" and we would play. When he was tired, he would take the toy back to his bed and sleep with it.

Unfortunately, Buddy became ill on December 16, 2011. He stopped playing with his toys. He showed some signs of improvement after a few days, but then became worse. Although Santa brought him some new toys this Christmas because he was such a good boy all year, he wasn't interested because Buddy wasn't himself. Initially, it seemed like Buddy had an inner ear infection. However, although his balance improved with antibiotics, he was lethargic and suffered significant weight loss within just a few days. Yesterday, the vet took a blood sample. The vet called this morning to say that Buddy's WBC was extremely high and it appeared Buddy had leukemia. He was severely anemic as well.

Since Buddy was not going to "get better", the tough decision was made to say good-bye and end Buddy's suffering. Although Buddy was only with us for 14 months, he will be dearly missed and never forgotten. We love you, Buddy! Thank you so much for the love and companionship!

The Degraide family


In Memory of Jack
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
August 4, 1999 - December 17, 2011

We adopted Jack from Second Chance Animal Shelter in January of 2005. The day we drove to the shelter to meet him we were expecting a massive winter storm, but nothing was going to stop us from getting our new boy. At the time, Jack was being fostered by a local family and when he arrived at the shelter he was nervous and full of energy. He was especially excited about the jar of treats that sat upon one of the office desks. Some people might have second guessed adopting Jack as it was advised that he would be best in a home without children and that he should always be the only dog. However, we saw something special in Jack that day and we couldn't wait to bring him home. Since he was already considered a senior canine we adopted him at a discount rate and we always joke that he was the best discount puppy we could have ever adopted! Jack was feisty and mischievous, but he was also loving and loyal. Through the years Jack transformed into one of the best friends you could ever want. He protected his home and even learned to live with his younger "brother" Rogan; a yellow lab we adopted a couple of years after adopting Jack. This past fall, we noticed a small lump in Jack's mouth which was quickly diagnosed as oral cancer. We knew then that we were on borrowed time with our beloved boy, but we determined to make the most of it. The cancer spread quickly as the lump tripled in size in just a few short months, but even still Jack remained an easy-going fellow - happy to walk, eat, and lay on the couch. We were hoping to make it through Christmas but the lump was getting larger by the day and we started to worry about his quality of life. We could see in his eyes that he was exhausted and we didn't want him to suffer and feel pain, but most importantly we wanted to ensure his dignity. Jack was a proud dog. In his final days, he enjoyed scrambled eggs, a McDonald's cheeseburger, and blueberry ice cream. He was happy! Jack passed away on December 17th, 2011. We never imagined how our lives would change 6 years ago when we adopted Jack, but I can also tell you we never once had any regrets. He was meant to be ours and we were meant to be his. Not a day will go by that we won't think about our beautiful chocolate lab. Thank you so much Second Chance for allowing this wonderful creature to enter our lives. We will never forget him and look forward to the day that he meets us at the Rainbow Bridge. Sincerely,

Jenn & Brian Haskell


In Memory of Stanley
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 9, 2008 - October 29, 2011

Stanley joined our family in September 2008 and immediately brought love and happiness to our home. Our chocolate lab, Kelly was unsure how to react at first, but after a few days they became best friends playing and napping together. Stanley was inseparable from me and would act as my little loving shadow. When he was still a puppy, we would dress him in baby clothes and he would melt in my arms when we cuddled. Although he didn't like to stay clean for long, he would enjoy getting warm baths and even his nails painted! Although he was smaller than usual for his breed, he had big brown eyes and a marking on his shoulder shaped like a heart. If I left the house for even 5 minutes he would begin to wine and search for me. I will never forget that time he ran down the street when I was babysitting at a neighbor's house, barking until I came out to play. Stanley was full of character and had a goofy personality. Often sliding down the hall into walls, and carrying his toy monkey around with him. Stanley was always so happy and I could always expect him to jump up for a hug the moment I walked in the door. Every morning he would wake up and sit with my dad as he read the news paper, and then sat in his bean bag next to my bed, waiting for me to get up. Stanley loved walks, especially in the woods. Sometimes his friend, Brian (the dog next door) would come over to run around with him and Kelly. Stanley would go wherever I went, and loved to sit in the sun, go swimming, or play in the frog pond. He was always cuddling someone in the house, but his favorite thing was to be picked up and held like a baby. Since he was so small my friend and I could put him in bags and he would poke his head out and enjoy all the attention. Stanley brought so much love to us all and holds a very special place in my heart. I will miss the sound his collar made when he would trot beside me wherever I went , and the way he fit perfectly into my arms when I held him. I will continue to miss my "Little Stan-Man" every day but I know he will be watching over us all, remember those wonderful past 3 years with him. With love,

The Fenuccio Family


In Memory of Muffin
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
2008 - July 25, 2011

In early September of 2008 I was offered a 7 week old kitten that I instantly fell in love with. I snuck her home without anybody knowing and was shocked when Muffin won over my whole family within a matter of seconds. The first night I spent with her I still remember like yesterday, she cuddled up next to me and slept the whole night by my side. Me and her were inseparable from the start. Wherever I went Muffin would follow me like a shadow. Whenever I sat down, Muffin would be laying on me purring away. She even did a few tricks better then my dog could. She would fetch her toy, bring it back, and then drop it right into my hand. She would also come running to me whenever I called her name. She made me feel loved, which after several trips to the hospital for depression, was more then I could ever asked for. July 25, 2011 was the day I lost my baby, my best friend, and my other half. She was perfectly fine running around the house and chasing my other cats the whole day until around 6 p.m. I was in the bathroom putting on makeup to go out later and she was on the floor next to me like always. I heard her let out two loud cries, as if in pain. I took one step towards her and was starting to sit down next to her when she collapsed, I raced down the stairs to get the cat carrier and told my sister to start the car we had to bring Muffin to the vet. When I came back upstairs she was unresponsive but still breathing, so we sped to the vet for an emergency visit. We got her there just in time for the vet tech to take her into the back room, and less then two minutes later tell us that she watched her take her last breath. She most likely had a blood clot that went to her brain, which is why she died so quickly and without any sign that anything was wrong, and there was nothing I could have done to save her. She is missed very much and the fact that she is no longer with us kills me, but I know that my family made her the happiest kitty in the world and that we gave her the best life she could have asked for. We were blessed to have her in our lives, even if it was for such a short a time. Muffin will be forever in our hearts.

Megan and the Vezina family


In Memory of Clawsy
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
December 30, 1994 - June 18, 2011

On December 30, 1994 I was 16 years old. When I had the most wonderful experience of my life. I was sitting on the floor of my families kitchen,wit our family cat while she gave birth to six beautiful kittens. The first of these was a kitten who would become like my first born child for the next 16 1/2 years. At first we didn't realize how special she really was. When she was just 2 hours old we did realize how special she was, you see she had two missing digits on her right front paw, which reminded all of us of a lobster, so we named her Clawsy. For the past sixteen years she has been with me, through many happenings in my life, relationships, all of which she hated until she met he man who would be my husband, moving from home, getting married, and the birth of my daughter ("Clawsy's sister"). Then in a full circle sort of moment, my husband, our daughter, myself, Clawsy, and our two other cats,moved in with my mom after the passing of my dad in 2009. So she was born in my moms house and that was also where she was living on her last day with us. On that day June 18, 2011, I got up and made sure everyone was fed, Clawsy ate with everyone. About and hour later I moved her from in front of the stove, and when I did an abcess on her back (that I was not aware was there) burst. We immediately called the vet, who said to bring her in. Upon examining Clawsy they found that quite possibly, she had a tumor that had caused the abcess. I can be greatful that she didn't really suffer, she had no fever, and her appitite had not changed, so I had no warning that something was wrong. But by the time we got Clawsy to the doctor, the only thing that might have helped her was sugery, but that was no gaurentee. I thought it would be selfish to put her trough something like that at her age and after so many years together, so we made the heart wrenching decision to have my baby, put to sleep. Clawsy was muched loved while she was with us here on earth and she continues to loved and greatly missed now that she has crossed rainbow bridge.

Jen Labonte


In Memory of Boscoe
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
June 20, 2011

Hello, I wanted to Thank Second Chance for allowing me to adopt and share the last two years with Boscoe. I adopted him October of 2009, I was told he was a sweetie that needed training and love. He had originally been surrendered with a lab named Duke, they had been adopted out together but shortly returned. I took him home and into our family and he quickly won over our hearts. He did have to be trained, but once trained became such a gentleman and the best dog I have ever had. I have had and trained many dogs, each I loved with all my heart but Boscoe was special. He was a lap dog, spoiled and the apple of our family's eye. He was amazing, loved by so many. He accompanied us everywhere and became a town favorite and had fans from the local Firehouse to the Caps. He was considered a mascot to my son's several baseball teams and had become everyone's dog. He was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer less than four weeks ago, and although showed no symptoms until the end had to be put down Monday the 20th. We miss him dearly and are heartbroken that we were not allowed more time with him. Thank you for allowing Boscoe into our home and our life.

Dinelle P.


In Memory of Amy
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
April 20, 2011

April 18, 2011...Amy, one of our hoarding case dogs, is having a rough time with the heartworm treatment, please say a prayer for her. So sad that the heartworm was untreated for so long....

April 20, 2011...It is with heavy heart and tears that I write that we lost Amy. She made it through surgery but then passed away. Very sad day for everyone. Her heartworm was just too severe for her body. How very sad that those that tried to save her have to suffer the pain of losing her because of others that did not care and neglected her. We will miss you Amy. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers. She knows she was loved...

Sheryl Blancato, Executive Director
Second Chance Animal Shelter


In Memory of Bronco
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
March 2011

Bronco was a rescue from the Second Chance Animal Shelter and Becker College. I went to Becker College and was assigned Bronco as my obedience dog. I fell in love immediately. So I brought him home and my family did as well, (even if they didn't want to admit it at first). He was such a great dog, everyone who ever met him, loved him. He was a big goof and so loveable. He would have been happy just to be pet all day. I can not say enough good things about him, and how many people's life he touched. But he has now passed at the ripe OLD age of 13. And it was not that his heart gave up, but his body. He had love in his heart and would have kept giving even though his body would let him. I hope he knew how much he was loved not just by myself and my family but all who met him. So thank you for having him brought to Becker, where I was given the best dog!

Jillian Gauthier, and Family


In Memory of Kimba
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May, 2010

This email has taken me a long time to write. Back on January of 2010 my husband and I adopted Kimba (formerly Papoose). She was just the cutest little orange kitten who came from a litter of I think all brothers. As soon as I walked in the door at Second Chance I said to my husband "that is the kitten I want". Somebody else was holding her and looking at her at the time. We instantly fell in love with her...and she with us. She had such personality and sometimes I actually thought she was a dog. She acted just like one..she wanted nothing more than to just be with us....sit with us and watch TV with us. I had two dogs and she absolutely loved them...they were one big happy family. She would talk to us as could say "good morning Kimba" and she would respond with a happy little "meow" and then she would flip over so you could rub her belly! She was truly a blessing to us. In May of 2010 we sold our house in Sturbridge and purchased a house in Upton, MA. About a week and a half prior to our move as we were packing up our house I noticed that Kimba was not herself...she wasnt eating, playing or acting like the happy little kitty we knew. We thought maybe it was just that she knew we were moving. Sometimes pets know these things and when you disrupt their environment and they act strangely. I kept an eye on her and she began to eat less and less and became more secluded and wanted to be by herself. Now this was really strange because that was not like her at all. We moved on Memorial Day weekend. When we moved into the new house Kimba was very withdrawn and I still wasnt sure if it was because of the move. On Memorial Day I looked into her eyes and the Kimba we knew and loved so much, was just not there anymore...the light and love in her eyes was gone. I knew something was definitely wrong and we packed her up and immediately took her to Tufts. They took our little baby out back to examine her and we waited not so patiently in the waiting area. Still maybe thinking and hoping that maybe it was just the move. The tech came out after almost an hour and apologized for the wait and told us that she was very dehydrated and they were treating her for that until the doctor could see her. Finally the doctor came out and asked us to come out back to another room to talk to us. My heart dropped to my stomach. He sat us down and told us we had a very sick kitty. I immediately lost it. How could this be? She was just a baby...only 18 months. Our baby would not be coming home with us that day. She had you know this is incurable. We had to make the hardest decision of our life and that was to relieve her of her suffering..she was so weak and had lot of fluid in her stomach and she had lost her fight to live. I could see it in her eyes. I held her in my arms as she went quietly to sleep and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She is now at peace and she suffers no more but unfortunately I still do everyday. She made such an impact in our life and there is such a void still. She was truly our little baby and she was taken from us way too soon.. Kimba is missed every minute of every day will always and forever be in our hearts. Rest in Peace sweet Kimba...

Mommy and Daddy love you.


In Memory of Chazzy
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
August 30, 2010

It saddens us to share that our beloved family member Chazzy aka Chucky, has passed away on August 30, 2010. He suddenly took ill five days before with complications from thrombocytopenia and DIC (desseminated intravascular coagulation). We tried unsuccessfully to treat his condition, but the condition took him quickly. His last few days with his family was one of great quality and comfort to him and to us.

Chazzy came to us in April 2006 when our late boxer Kashmire walked into Petco of Auburn and was greeted by this handsome, sleek greyhound. The two instantly hit it off as they stared into each others eyes adoringly. He kept her close by as other dogs walked into Petco. We took an interest in adopting Chazzy and he was home within two days. He spent the last few years running and running in the backyard. His favorite summertime ritual was curling up in the pool, strolling through the garden smelling the vegetables, and laying in the grass. We will sure miss the pattering of his feet on the ground as he did his laps around the backyard. Cooper still lays on Chazzy's mat but only sleeps on half in case his brother's spirit wants to lay next to him. We would like to thank Second Chance for allowing us to adopt Chazzy and giving him the best years of his life, unfortunately a short one. Sincerely,

Cooper, Tammy Gardell, Donna and Nat Zito

In Memory of Bear
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 16, 2010

The entire Second Chance Family wishes to extend our sincerest and deepest sympathies to the Kratzke family, Rick and Heidi who lost their beloved Bear on May 16, 2010 Bear was a very special member of the Second Chance Family and I am sure you all know his long history with the Shelter. Everyone who had the honor of meeting him cherished him. He was adopted by the Kratzke’s on Jan 30, 2010 and was given the best possible life any dog could ever want. He will be missed by all of us. He was cherished by all and will be waiting patiently at Rainbow Bridge to be once again reunited with us all.

God Bless you Bear, we will miss you so.

In Memory of Nannykins
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May, 2010

Nanny was a very senior pug, having come to us not quite two years ago at 16 yrs old. She had a hard life in a kill shelter in Islip , Long Island. We brought this little old lady home and she quickly began to rule the roost. She was completely deaf and partially blind, but she still had so much spunk you had to admire her.

There were so many times that she gave us joy and memorable laughs. Having moved to Southbridge from New York in November, we finally were ready for another big dog. He’s huge. A no-tail Rottie mix adopted from Second Chance (thank you!). Well! No match for Nannykins. As soon as she’d come barreling towards him, he’d get out of her road tout de suite!

She died very peacefully in my arms. We’ll all truly, truly miss our old curmudgeon and our other dogs are at a loss as “siblings” often are. Please everyone, take good, good care of your oldies. If you have a chance to adopt a geriatric, it will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. You’ll give a worthy senior a soft place to land, and you’ll reap the benefits of their years of experience and wisdom.

Lisa Alesci

In Memory of Dubha
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
March 18, 2010

This is Dubha (say DOOva). His name means black in Gaelic. He was a stray that was found in a yard when he was a puppy. I took him in and my 4 year old Lab wasn’t too happy about it. I later found out that he was a black shepherd. He was my constant companion for 12 years. He was loyal, loving and protective. When I lost him, my heart broke. I believe that there is a permanent crack in my heart with his name on it. I have always had dogs and now that I am getting older I didn't want to go through another loss like that. I live alone though and really wanted another dog. My solution was to foster dogs for Second Chance. It is hard to say goodbye to the fosters, but I know there is another one out there that needs me. I believe that Dubha would be thrilled that I was helping other dogs who need me. After all, I rescued him (or he rescued me) and it was the best decision I ever made. I still miss him terribly every day but having a foster in the house helps.

Gayle Mahoney

In Memory of Magnus
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
March 3, 2010

Magnus entered our lives in Nov. 2006ish. I recently lost another Dog before him and he was like a gift from god. We had to put him down on March 3, 2010 due to Diabetes. Our original vet would not see him and only would prescribe medication according to what we told them. We decided to bring him to Becker College Vet where we found out he diabetes, a heart murmur, a UTI, and more tests to be done. He stopped eating and would drink constantly always having to go to the bathroom. He started to throw up one day, six times in a row. That's when we had to make the most hurtful decision we could ever make.

Magnus was always fun to be around he had so much energy. He would tilt his head sideways when he heard a strange noise or was looking at something. I will admit we spoiled him with toys and bones all the time. He was my best friend and I will miss him terribly. We had to do what would make him comfortable no matter our pain. I'll miss you baby. Take care over the rainbow bridge. Love,

Jessica, Tina, Dennis and Jonathan

In Memory of Shadow
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
February 1, 2010

Our beloved black cat Shadow had to be put to sleep due to kidney failure on February 1, 2010. He had just celebrated his 13th birthday on January 7th. His loss was extremely sudden and unexpected and left us numb from the shock. He is at peace now and we know we gave him the best life we could.

I am the author of the above poem, "A Pet's Peace" and wrote it originally to help others deal with the loss of a beloved pet. Now I turn to it for my own comfort. Shadow will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace my sweet boy.

Tracy & David Johnson

In Memory of Teddy
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 31, 2009

Teddy VB (pictured right) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on New Year's Eve after a long fight with cancer. He was such a big "teddy" bear and enjoyed playing with his toys and his friend Bonnie. He will be missed but was well loved in his forever home after being adopted from Second Chance several years ago.

In Memory of Clyde
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 21, 2010

I remember what a sweet loving boy he was. He loved to chew on plastic bottles. I finally got him over that. I can't say enough about him. He was so sick when he first got to the Shelter. He thrived and was very loved until he passed away. He was my big beautiful boy and buddy. Thank you Second Chance for all that you do.

Paula Gouras

In Memory of Pancho
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 18, 2010

My name is William Keeler. My wife Brenda and I adopted Pancho, a save-a-sato dog,from the Sterling Animal Shelter back in July of 1999. We were blessed to have his companionship for 10 plus years. He was a wonderful, loving, kind, and loyal dog. He was my shadow for all that time. He loved to run in the snow, go snow shoeing, cut wood, and do almost anything he could to be with me. No matter how late I got home from work he would be at the door to greet me (long after everyone else had gone to bed). He crossed the Rainbow Bridge today January 18, 2010 at 1:30pm. I can only hope that all people who have had the privilege of sharing life with a pet could be so blessed as we were for the past 10 plus years.

In Memory of Archimedes
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 1, 2010

Our beloved friend, Archimedes (formerly Punch), was hit and killed by a car last night. Up late thinking about him and unable to sleep, I thought I'd take the time to e-mail you to let you know how blessed he was to have been taken in by you and how much of a blessing it's been to have him in our lives. He was only with us for two very short years, but they were two great years and he was a wonderful addition to our family. We had a great time hiking and camping with him all over New England, including the daily hikes up the mountain behind our house. At the end of the day, there's no one else I'd rather have curled up by my feet. He'll be sorely missed. Thank you for the work that you do,

Nate & Maegan Davis

In Memory of Jack
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
December 19, 2009

Jack chose Melissa and Adam 10 years ago. We were visiting a breeder in California who allowed us to see the new litter of Lab puppies. Jack's brothers and sisters were all running around and barking...Not Jack, he marched right up to us, little tail wagging, sat and looked right at them as if to say "I know you are here to bring me home with you."... and they did. Jack had an amazing life giving so much love and affection to his family. He was the indisputable Prince of "doggie day care" loved by all who came to know him. Adam and Melissa gave him a wonderful life and he, in turn, made there lives very special. Cancer invaded that life and after every possible option was exhausted Jack lost his battle on December 19, 2009. He will be missed.

In Memory of Tucker
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
November 6, 2009

Tucker came into my Dad's life about 12 years ago. I would not have put the two of them together. A large dog, Tucker had been neglected and abused for much of his short life up until then. There was a connection between he and my Dad that strengthened through the years. I never saw my Dad as patient as he was when Tucker's trusting eyes were upon him. Tucker had many quirks, but my Dad and his wife adapted their lives to make Tucker's life easier.

Tucker was only sick a short time and passed quickly. Thank you, Tucker, for being a loving companion. You will forever be in our hearts.

Bless all the creatures, Lord, and all the kind people who look after them and lessen their suffering.

In Memory of Jane
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
November 4, 2009

Jane was adopted by our son and his fiancee 4 years ago from an abusive home. She's been on many adventures with them and made many loving friends. She has over the last few months had to be medicated for arthritis and even with her wheelchair which helped her get around, her pain increased and the decision to send her on had to be made. She left them this past on November 4, 2009.

In Memory of Red
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
November 3, 2009

Red was the best dog ever. Ever! He was THE sweetest dog and the most gentle, loving creature I have ever known. I am lucky for every day that Red was in my life (and sleeping under the covers with me at night!!). I miss him every day. My family and I are going to plant a 'red' rose bush in my lawn this spring and we are going to bury Red's ashes in the soil under it. That way whenever we see flowers blooming, we can know that Red is helping them grow. Thanks again for sharing all of your nice memories with me and for your thoughtful words. I think that Red was just one of those special dogs who comes around once in a lifetime. I miss him every day.


In Memory of Harley
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
August 22, 2009

I am writing with great sadness today. We lost Harley, my dearly loved dog on Saturday, August 22. He was 16 years old. He was my constant companion, even going to work with me every day. If he wasn't with me, he'd be waiting for me. Someone said that anyone who knew me knew him. He was such a gentle soul. The first time I met Harley, he was 9 years old and being fostered by a Second Chance volunteer (a friend of mine). He and I met and just clicked immediately. If there can be instant chemistry between dogs and people, this was definitely it. There was no way I was letting him go. I fell in love instantly. I've heard of people having "heart" dogs and Harley was mine. He was a very sweet boy and made friends everywhere he went, whether it be human or canine. Someone said once that if all dogs were like Harley, everyone would want a dog. We never thought we'd be lucky enough to have him almost 7 years but we were. He had lived with cancer for almost 3 years. When he was diagnosed they gave him 6-9 months. He was just unbelievable. He just enjoyed life so much. He wasn't ready to give up and neither were we. Although he gave us scares at times he kept rallying and kept going. I started to believe he was actually a "Spirit" dog. People told me he was the everlasting bunny. I know I was really lucky and blessed to have him as long as I did but it still wasn't enough. I will miss my dear friend, my "Golden Boy", Harley. Thank you, Second Chance, for giving him a second chance and me a chance to love him. I have told everyone I can that adopting a senior is a great option. Harley was a wonderful spokesperson for your shelter.

Lisa R.

In Memory of Dusty
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

In memory of "Dusty". My best friend of 16 1/2 years. He was always there with a smile and a wag. He never asked for anything more than love in return. He was my first rescue and will always be with me. He will be deeply missed.

Sheryl Brackley

In Loving Memory of Tilly "Chantilly Lace"
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
July 6, 1999 - June 19, 2009

Tilly was the "mother superior" of the household and her domineering presence will be missed by all. Tessa now has one of "her cats' with her at the Bridge and I am sure they are happily playing together once again.

Sheila, JJ , Diamond, & Laci with Angels Cali & Tessa waiting patiently at the Bridge

Penny Lane
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 29, 2009

We are sad to say our bunny Penny Lane passed away on May 29. She died due to complications with abscess in her intestines. We really miss her. Her bonded mate Baxter will miss her the most. Penny was the sweetest rabbit that you ever met. We will especially miss the cute way she hopped, how she laid on her side when she slept, how she kissed us and Baxter, her gentle demeanor, her thumps when she was scared, her super soft fur on the top of her head and her big silly ears. Thank you for coming into our lives Penny. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for you. In the picture Baxter (right) is kissing his girl Penny (left).

Kate, Mark and Baxter

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
December 2000 - May 20, 2009

I am sad to say Ginger passed away today from congestive heart failure and a blood clot in her leg. we will miss her terribly. Jackson is doing okay, but still looks for her around the house. we are giving him lots of attention! we are still shocked, she acted soo young for 9 years old. I am glad she is pain free now and also that she got to spend her last days with us. The picture I am sending is Ginger on the left and Jackson on the right, cuddling on the couch back in March.

Sincerely, The Meek Family

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 6, 2009

In Memory

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
April 28, 2009
16 years old

In Memory

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 1, 2009

Who Machado has and always will be my Angel. "Who" crossed Rainbow Bridge May 1 2009. The most sweetest disposition always smiling happy and wagging his tail "wiggle jiggle" even sometimes as he slept, I would say hello and his tail would jiggle! Who named after the Who's of Whoville, tiny as a snowflake gave me many years of joy, he was the best friend a girl could ever have! We traveled everywhere together! Who became blind 2006, diagnosed with diabetes, fought like a trooper and his Vet's often said he was a "miracle dog" always pulling through! If Who was willing so was I. He lived 3 years with these issues and many medications added later. Two weeks ago he started having seizures due to renal failure. He gave US the best two weeks, we had so much fun, he ate all the foods he loved went for rides out in his buggy and played in the grass and enjoyed his adopted brother Leo. On Friday morning I woke to Who having slight seizures and tried to keep him calm, he even ate a bit but they became more frequent an stronger. On our way to the Vet, my darling Who passed in my arms. We all miss him so much, what a joy he was in my life and later ours, my husband and Leo. Here he is smiling even at the Vet! The second photo I had to share it is Leo giving Who a kiss hello while visiting him at the Vet when Who needed to stay a week. I am blessed to have had this wonderful dog Who in my life all these years! I miss him so much! I know once he crossed Rainbow's Bridge he can see again and he is free of all pain! We love you so much our baby!

Angelina and Luiz and Leo Machado

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
March 31, 2009

Spudsey crossed The Rainbow Bridge on 3/31/09. When young, he was full of life. He was known for his beautiful orange fur. He was a spunky sort of cat, and even though he was declawed, he was the Boss of the neighborhood, and knew how to keep large dogs in their places! At the end of his days, he was ravaged by disease. Diabetes, senility, and possibly Cushing Syndrome marked his last days on this side of the bridge. He passed away on March 31st with none of his health, but all of his dignity. He was a kitty well-loved. He will always be remembered. Please accept our donation in his memory. Sincerely,

David & Jeanette C.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
March 13, 2009

My mom and step dad got Toby from Second Chance Animal Shelter almost 3 years ago in Nov 06. He was a Rat Terrier. He was the most loved dog ever! On March 13, 2009 my step dad was in a car accident where he was cut off near Wal-Mart. Poor Toby was sleeping on the passenger's side and on inpact he was thrown into the windshield. He suffered internal injuries and a broken back leg. The dog officer did her best to help him. But he passed away a half hour after the accident with my step dad holding him while he drew his last breath. He was like a little brother to me even though he was older than me in dog years. He's going to be greatly missed. He was my mom's "son". In the almost 3 years that my parents had him he was spoiled and loved by all. He's now crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is feeling no pain or sorrow. I know he's up there running around feeling like a puppy again.

In memory of TOBY
3-13-09 RIP
We will always love you toby!

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
March 2009

I wanted to let you know that Ivy passed away this morning. She had contracted pulmonary hypertension. They were treating her with meds and she got to come home last Wednesday. We had 4 pretty good days with her but Monday her breathing started to go downhill again. We decided this morning that the kindest thing that we could do for her was to end her suffering.

Despite the rocky start that we had with her, Ivy turned out to be one of the best dogs I've ever had...and my best friend. I lost my job in October and except for the time we spent sleeping, she and I were together. My husband and I are absolutely heart broken. I know we'll get through this but we are REALLY going to miss our darling girl.

We truly believe that Ivy was meant to be with us, even for the short time that we had with her. There will be other dogs in our lives but there will never, ever be another Ivy. She was such a special girl.

Sincerely, Nancy

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 2009

It's with a very heavy heart that I write this note to let you know our dear friend and beloved companion, Champ crossed "The Rainbow Bridge" shortly after New Year's Day. Last summer we discovered he had sebaceous adenitis (which we were able to pretty much keep under control once we figured out what is was), as well as several other health issues ... the likelihood of tumors, a worsening arthritis condition that affected his mobility and some vision problems. Up until about December, we were able to keep Champ comfortable and he was able to fully participate in our activities. Early that month, unfortunately things took a turn for the worse and he lost his appetite, as well as inclination to move around much. Towards the end I was hand feeding him small bits of food and water, but finally he showed little and then no interest in either ~ except for once ... when he nibbled on a few doggie treats a friend had given him for Christmas ~ I took a picture of him that day and ironically, even though it was the last one I have of him, it's the best one I ever took of him! Now that Champ is gone, the house and my life feels very empty. Coming home from work without him to greet me at the door is still so hard. Despite the fact it's been almost 2 months, I still miss our "Gentle Giant" terribly. We buried Champ (with his favorite stuffed toy ~ the one he arrived with) next to another dear doggie friend of ours ~ Jake ~ under a small dogwood tree. Sometimes, I just look out my window and imagine the two of them happily playing together. Once again, Brad & I both want to say thank you to Second Chance for making it possible for Champ to be with us ~ even if it wasn't nearly long enough. Keep up the good work.

Ginger and Brad M.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
October 30, 2008

Misty, aka Princess Bossy Paws, died yesterday. I’ve shared her antics with some of you. Please indulge me as I remember her once more.

When Misty came to live with me four years ago, we were both grieving. She recently had lost her person of 15 years, and I, a dear feline friend. Sadness seemed the only thing we had in common. Misty didn’t care much for touch; I’m a big-time cuddler. She insisted on attention at 3 a.m., a time I prefer to sleep. No matter what the demand, she was relentless, employing strategy after strategy until sometimes in exasperation, other times in sheer wonder, I gave in. I told her she was a pain in the butt. Come to think of it, I am too, as you and the State legislature will attest! I soon learned we had much more than tenacity in common. A month after Misty moved in, we began to bond as we looked out the window side-by-side, fascinated by the swirling colors of the falling leaves. Over the next few years, I discovered we also shared a love of Cheerios, Lean Cuisine lasagna and TV, though neither of us could abide Oprah.

It wasn’t long before I was smitten. Did Misty May morph into the lap cat I thought I needed in my life? Are you kidding? Instead, I grew to love her on her terms, for the unique little scoundrel she was: strong-willed and smart, comical and communicative, with a truly extensive vocabulary. She had distinct vocalizations for every command, whether to open the porch door, join her on the sofa—but not too close, or fetch her treats. Often, she impatiently urged me on with an escalating “mow (read: “now”), mow, MOW!!” Misty's frostiness eventually melted. In our second year, she began calling me over to pet her—for 7.5 glorious seconds before sauntering away, up to a few minutes if she was feeling especially magnanimous. I learned how to deal with her midnight marauding, and she developed a tolerance for my singing.

By year three, she had begun a new tradition: Perched on the sofa back in front of my picture window—always a favorite pastime—Misty would call out to me as I walked up the steps. I meowed back, to leave no doubt in my neighbors’ minds that I’m a crazy cat lady. She responded. As the door opened, Misty leapt off the sofa to greet me. Head-bumping came next. I’m told it is a kitty compliment of the highest order. Finally, I knew she loved me as I did her.

And so it was until we approached our fifth year. Misty's kidneys began to fail. Intervention wasn't successful, palliative measures were only transitory. She began refusing even the food she had eaten with gusto--if I hand-fed or spoon-fed her--the week before. On Thursday, she told me she'd had enough. Guilt is in my DNA. I will forever regret the times I lost patience with Misty. I regret shooing her off my desk when she danced across the keyboard, sending my documents into oblivion. And I profoundly regret not realizing immediately that her accidents throughout the house were a sign of illness, not in-your-face (and nose!) naughtiness. Somehow, I know she forgave me all my transgressions. At the end, while I waited for the vet to arrive, Misty gave me the most precious gift of all: She allowed me to lie beside her and pet her as long as I wanted. She taught me to give love unconditionally. I helped her learn to accept it.

It’s not the length of our relationships that matters, but the quality. Misty enriched my life every bit as much, and I loved her just as deeply, as if I'd had her from infancy. Whether you adopt a cat or dog as your best friend, please consider a senior.

Beth Birnbaum

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Tanya was a beautiful young kitten who was taken too early from us. She had a very tough beginning and was finally adjusting to being held and loved. She was so playful and loved her brothers Tim and Tom with all her heart and felt safe and happy cuddling with them. She was probably the most feisty, smart kitten I have had the pleasure of having in my home. Everyone who came by fell in love with her and admired her beauty from afar because she was just too shy to let them hold her. Just as she was coming out of her shell, she was taken from us and just broke our hearts to have to say goodbye to her. Amy and I both treasure the time we had with her and are grateful to have had the chance to love her. Her beauty and soul live on in her brothers, I am sure of this, because when Tom came back to us after losing his sister, he was a totally different kitten, once shy and withdrawn he was loving and cuddly as if his sister has told him it’s ok and to enjoy the love for both of them. Tanya will be missed but NEVER forgotten.

JoAnn and Amy K. and all the volunteers at Second Chance whose lives were touched by Tanya.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Escape artist Sadie, adopted from Second Chance, is on the right in the photo. Duncan was raised from puppyhood and lived to the age of 13. He was one of those rare labs who didn't like the water and resisted being asked to swim by trying to get into the canoe. He was, however, the typical chow-hound lab when it came to food and would find and make off with goodies in purses left on the floor or otherwise left unattended but within reach. After an accident three years ago, he could no longer walk, but his best friend Shelley carried him outside and made his life worth living. Both Duncan and Sadie continued to bark at passing boats, but only Sadie could run out on the dock to announce that they were going by her house. I miss Duncan's smiles.

Eunice J.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
June 25, 2008

Callie passed away very peacefully today. She was napping in one of her favorite places outside in the sunshine, and didn't even lift her head as our vet helped her pass on. It was the most peaceful and kind end one can imagine. She was nothing but love and sweetness, just a little kitty from the shelter, and made the world a better place for all of us who knew her.

Special thanks to you for rescuing her and having faith that she would find a home where she would be loved and adored as she should be. I am blessed to have been with her for a much longer time than any of us could have imagined. I would have wanted her to be here forever. I had to let her go now for her sake.

I miss Callie - her serenity and her pure friendliness. Her greeting each time I came into the room. The white paw reaching out for me ever so gently. All my friends adored her, too - she was such a loving and loved kitty. I nicknamed her 'The 'Copter' for her loud and ready purr.

In gratitude,
Sarah J.

In Memory of Our Angel, Annie
(Annie pictured right with her best friend, Ashlee)
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 21, 2008

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 a very sad day in our home. Our very special Angel ANNIE crossed over the Rainbow bridge this morning..her cancer finally won.. The very first memory I have of her is my being a volunteer at Second Chance and Annie giving me her paw..she was too shy to look at me but her loving touch was all I needed.. Thank you Diane for being too busy that Christmas..taking her in as a foster told us all we needed to know we needed her as much as she needed us.. This winter she had a grand time in Florida taking a few daily walks with my husband,.. getting rides in our golf cart, and being with her best friend our other dog Ashlee.. you would never have known her cancer was back.. Annie didn't have a mean bone in her body..she loved anyone and everything.. God so blessed us with her sweet, gentle, loving companionship for 4 1/2 years.. thank you for sending her to us, but it wasn't long enough.. We will always miss you.and love you...Miss December (our little Calendar girl)

Dick & Joanne Leveillee

In Memory of Our "Babies"
Lightning and Misty Blu
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Lightning (2005-2007); Misty Blu (2001 - 2007)

We miss them terribly. Our journey together began when we adopted them together as Christmas presents for our sons (we already had 1 cat - Keiko who is still part of our family. Our middle son had been asking for a dog since he began to talk and we decided to adopt Misty (golden retriever/australian shepherd mix)for him - they were the same age! However Misty had a mind of her own and was really a "mommy's girl". She was so beautiful and kind. She kept the cats and kids in line with her herding instincts and let them know gently when they crossed the line. She was comforting us when we were sad, celebrating with us when we were happy and protecting us while we slept. Lightning was adopted for our oldest son who fell in love with this adorable, loving special needs kitty. His ears had curled over from a severe case of mites as a kitten and did not look entirely "normal" but boy was he a cutie! He had the greatest personality! He just loved everyone and everything and found joy every second of the day. We then went on to take in "Pip" (cavelier king charles spaniel) who belonged to a client of mine (I am a CNA) who had Parkinson's and could no longer care for him. Pip is a cute little guy who quickly made friends with all. Lightning passed suddenly with no warning. The veterinarian told us later that he probably suffered from a heart attack which is apparently more common than we would think in young cats. We were all heartbroken. Misty was next - she and Pip accidentally got loose and ran off together. While they stayed together, they both crossed Rte. 9 and unfortunately Misty got hit by a car traveling pretty quick. The driver was extremely remorseful as they were dog lovers (putting Pip in the car to keep him safe while they tended to Misty)- but it was an accident. She was taken to Tufts by animal control immediately and I followed. Her injuries were severe and we would not be able to save her. I was with her as she passed peacefully in my arms - losing another baby. (We had lost 3 human babies as well prior to our furry babies). We know that ALL of our angels are keeping watch over us and we will meet them someday once again. Thank you to all who helped us to have these wonderful pets in our lives even if it was only for a short while. Sincerely,

The Cathcart Family

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
1991 - 2007

My sweet baby, you will never be forgotten – you were the “Once in a Lifetime” kind of dog. You left us last night after so many years with us by your side until the end. You were such an inspiration to me. I’ll carry your strength, love and perseverance in my heart forever. The house is so quiet without you – may you rest peacefully and pain free until we see you again. With all our love, Karen and Derek


Look not where I was
For I am not there
My spirit is free
I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe
In the sounds that you here
Don't cry for me Mom
My spirit is near

I'll watch for you
From the other side
I'll be the one running
New friends by my side

Smile at my memory
Remember in your heart
This isn't the end
It's a brand new start

© Carol Kufner
Winwood Kennels
German Shepherds

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
November 20, 2007

Our cherished little feline daughter of thirteen years who blessed us with her love, affection and zest for life. She will be soulfully missed forever by Jay, Tara, Morganne and her canine sibs BooBoo & Sushi.

A member of our family right from the very start.
From playful kitten to contented cat.
Left her paw print in our heart.
Her journey came too quickly.
We were so sad to see her go.
Knowing that she's better now helps to soften the blow.
Graceful girl laid down to rest.
Your job down here was done.
Wait for us up by that bridge to greet us one by one.

Jay, Tara & Morganne Lucier

In Loving Memory
Cali (JF's Glory)
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
September 7, 1995 - November 3, 2007

Sheila & JJ with Angels Cali and Tessa waiting patiently at the Bridge

All of us at Second Chance Animal Shelter wish to express our deepest sympathies to Sheila for the loss of her beloved Cali. We all knew Cali and loved her deeply. She will be missed by our Shelter Family very much. May God keep her safe and happy as she waits patiently at Rainbow Bridge.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
October 24, 2007


A part of me died on Oct. 24th when Jack our special need Yellow Lab crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Jack came to us from Second Chance as he was not able to be adopted because of his handicap. Before we got Jack, he had a stroke in his tail which caused him to walk like a drunkin sailor and also lose all bladder and bowel control. Even with all of that, he was still a very loving friend. Since we already had a special needs Scottie, taking care of Jack wasn't a problem. Jack loved to dig holes in the backyard so he could lay in the cool earth. Some holes were so big that all you cold see was his head and he always seemed to be smiling! Jack loved to be hugged and if he saw me sitting down he would back himself between my legs and look back at me like he was was saying "OK, HUG ME''. This was a daily occurance which I will miss dearly. Jack was a happy go lucky Lab who brought so much happiness into my life. He will always be a part of me and will live on in my heart. Thank you Second Chance for bringing Jack into my life.

Ken & Nancy

Second Chance was so very sad to hear of Jack's passing. Many of you supported our efforts to find this wonderful Lab a forever home. He sure did get lucky to find a home that loved him as much as Ken and Nancy did and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
September 24, 2007

Cosmo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, September 24, 2007. His leaving was sudden and unexpected: a few days of not eating, getting even quieter, and then he was gone. Though he had been with the family (canine sister Reeva - left in photo, brother Rookie - right in photo, and myself) only since June, he had fit right in, could be trusted outside on his own, and had taken up residence in the closet! That was his little bed during the day, though at night he would share mine very happily. He had joined us all at Dog Camp this year, taking his Canine Good Citizen classes in stride and enjoying the lovely Vermont sunshine in the mountains – he even made it to the top of Mt. Mansfield in Stowe! (Well, OK, we drove, but still he enjoyed it up there!) Still, for a nine-year old, the whole week of Camp was fun and exciting, and Cosmo came home with ribbons and awards as a Senior Rescue Dog. I’m very glad we had the chance to go to Camp. We all miss him very much; he will live in my heart for a long, long time.

Sharon Kneeland

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
November 1, 2003 - September 24, 2007

The entire Second Chance Family wishes to extend our sincerest and deepest sympathies to the Bazinet family who lost their beloved Nathan Sept 24, 2007. Nathan was born on Nov. 1, 2003, and was adopted by the Bazinet’s on Jan 20, 2007. He will be missed by all of us. He was cherished by Laura, her family, and his canine brother Willie. He will be waiting patiently at Rainbow Bridge to be once again reunited with them. God Bless you Nathan, we will miss you so.

Miss Kachina
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
May 7, 2007

We lost a very special kitty on 5/7/07. Her name was Kachina and we adopted her from a shelter in RI, where she had been picked up, pregnant with her first heat. She was a petite little kitty who was the sweetest cat I have ever had. She was my constant companion and loved being groomed with a glove brush. She would watch me get ready every morning and had a nice life with Violet, who was born (and later also adopted) the day we adopted Kachina from the shelter. Kachina was only 4 yrs old when she died of an apparent seizure disorder. As certain circumstances led to me feel that Kachina guided me to the shelter to adopt her, the only positive thing about her loss was that we also somehow were guided to Second Chance and the adoption of Sheenie, who desperately needed a home. We will never forget out sweet Kachina, whom we nicknamed "Cheenie". In Hopi, the word Katsina (also Kachina) means "bringer of life". When Kachina crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she seemed to be looking out for her sister Sheenie/Lilith. And for that we are gratetful.

Elizabeth C.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Born in Ringgold, Georgia 4/6/1998.
Passed away at Tufts in Grafton on 1/28/2007

Georgia was daughter #3 of Second Chance dog care volunteers Kathy and Steve Fothergill. She was a regular attendee of the Walk n Wag since 03. She was a willing mentor to foster house guests Blue, Max, Lucky and Oscar. She loved to watch the walkers on Craig Rd, perched up on her little hill over looking the road - she'd check to make sure we weren't watching and would throw in a few good barks just to let you know she was on duty! She was not fond of the mailman and cats. She made sure that neither got in her yard! She loved her tennis ball, her binky, a good stick, long walks and swimming. She was oure faithful, loyal loving friend. She will be hard to replace and will always be in our hearts as the best dog ever!

Kathy, Steve, Karyn & Amanda F.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
August 7, 1995 - December 28, 2006

Phantom was our first "kid". She was smart, funny, and beautiful. She had the softest ears. She was our constant companion, loved to swim and play ball. She adored our kids and everyone else's and she was so very tolerant. Her favorite place was Sandy Beach on Prudence Island. We have a great many wonderful memories of her - so many that we can't even begin to do this memorial justice except to say that she was the best, best girl and we miss her every day. Thank you for sharing your life and unconditional love with us, Phantom. We love you and we'll see you again.

The Westwells

Muffit and Teddy
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

We adopted Muffit (pictured left) from your shelter in February of 2004 at age 11. Her previous owner was heartbroken to give her up but was forced to due to health reasons. Sadly we had to put her to sleep September 26, 2006 at age 14 after all the medications we tried for her bad arthritis would not stop her pain. She died in my arms as I told her for the last time how much we all loved her. Her best friend, Teddy (pictured right), passed last year as well. The short time we had together brought us so much joy, and her passing brought us so many tears. We will always remember her with love.

Rina L.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
June 30, 2006

Weeds, the loyal companion of Kathy Sabina crossed over the rainbow bridge on Friday, June 30, 2006. She was a pound hound that was adopted by her friend in August 1997. Besides her companion she leaves Minnie, Fletcher, Lexie & Bella with whom she made her home. She also leaves grandhumans & many friends who overlooked her hair & drool to give her love & attention. She will be remembered for her unconditional love & for delivering the Telegram & Gazette to her companion every morning before breakfast. Burial was private, may she rest in peace.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
June 7, 2006

You came into our lives on November 22, 2003 and changed us forever. We thought we rescued you but in so many ways you rescued us. We will miss your funny "Brownie dance" and your whine when you were excited. On car rides you would sit in the back seat and rearrange your blanket. There is too much room in the bed now; we miss you stretched out between us with your head on one of our pillows. The house is quiet these days without your basset hound howl. On June 7, 2006 we did what we had to do out of love for you. You will live in our hearts forever.

Meg and Steven K.

Second Chance was greatly saddened to hear of Brownie's passing and our hearts are with Meg, Steven and Lady.

In Loving Memory
Tessa (Cherry Wine)
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
July 6, 1996 - June 9, 2006

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
December 6, 2005

It is with such sadness and pain that I tell you that my beloved Max died yesterday. He passed away quietly, in my arms, with candles lit and soft music playing. I was fortunate to have had him in my life for 3 years, 2 months and 23 days, and even though I was not ready to say goodbye, it was time...I loved him so much-- he was Brave, and Beautiful-- and I miss him terribly. Thank you for bringing him into my life.

Karon M.

Second Chance was greatly saddened to hear of Max's passing. Many of you may remember him as well as the cat who was found tied out in the woods, near death. We are so very grateful to Karon for giving him his forever home.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
September 23 2000 - August 14, 2005

Where do I start? Roxie was the best dog we ever had. She was a pitbull/boxer mix that we adopted from the Auburn dog officer. From the day we brought her home until the day we had to put her to sleep, she remained the most loving and dedicated dog we have ever seen. We live on a horse farm, and many of the borders have dogs, so at a given time there was 5 or more dogs around and she loved them all. She loved belly rubs and her toys. She loved going to Cape Cod or just going for rides to the store. When it came time to clip her nails, all I did was pull out the clippers and she would roll over and hand me her first paw to be clipped. She was truly a one-of-a-kind dog.

On August 1, 2005 Roxie began vomiting so we brought her to the vet. They wanted us to leave her for additional testing and x-rays. A few hours later the vet called us up and told us she needed to go to Tufts immediately. Roxie had a foreign body obstruction ( mini stuffed animal) in her upper intestines and a severe case of pancriatitis. She was brought to Tufts and a surgery was performed. She recovered from surgery but then began vomiting one day later. She was not responding to medical management. She was taken to surgery 3 days after the first surgery to re-explore the abdomen. Everything looked normal, there was no further obstructions. Roxie's blood pressure began to climb very high and was not responsive to therapy. After blood and urine testing Roxie was further diagnosed with glomerulonephritis (GN) which is an immune mediated disease. GN has a very poor prognosis and Roxie would need to be continually medically managed and monitored by an internal medicine specialist. On August 10th, Roxie was discharged to our care with the understanding that as her condition declines we would bring her to our regular vet for humane euthanasia.

Roxie came home and as sick as she was, she still was happy to be home to see her friends.We spent four very hard days by her side and on August 14th we could see her getting really bad and wanted to end it, before she was severely suffering. It was a very tough couple weeks for my wife and I. We live in Brookfield and we went to Tufts in Grafton every single day so we could visit her. Roxie had touched the lives of many people and will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

The Dennisons

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
February 1995-May 27, 2005

Floyd threw the best Halloween parties and all "Good Dogs" were invited.
Floyd was such a sweet dog and touched a lot of people/dogs for over a decade.
Floyd a handsome, Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab bravely fought Degenerative Myelopathy since June 2004.
Floyd's parents (Jen and Steve) exercised their final act of love for Floyd and put him to rest.
Floyd is playing happy and content; whole and strong and organizing "Good Dog" parties near heaven at the Rainbow Bridge; patiently waiting.

For more information on Degenerative Myelopathy(DM) visit this site:

Our Beloved Kayci
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
April 25, 2005 at 7:30 pm

Our lives will never be the same again...
She under went emergency surgery on Sunday only to die from complications. Our lives were so blessed by having her in it. It feels so empty now...
Every day was more special by us loving her and receiving her love in return.
She was our beautiful baby...from the first time we met...meeting her new Dad at the door wagging that beautiful tail of hers.
To have her bump us in the back of the knee to try and get us to chase her around with her football...enriching our lives every day by being with her. She taught us how to throw a Frisbee and we needed to be able to throw it high and far.
Nightime is so lonely without her to cuddle up with us in bed. She always gave us her unconditional love.
Her vocabulary understanding was beyond belief...she was so smart it got so Dick and I had to spell some words. She was so human to us. If she heard the word soup she came and waited for it to be ready. Beach time for her was one of her favorite times...she loved to jump the waves and chase the seagulls.
We knew how happy she always was to have us home...we return now to a silent place. I hope that those of you who knew her well with have your own special memories. We were so blessed to be her Mom and Dad.
Kayci, we love you and will always miss you.

Joanne and Dick Leveillee

Many of the volunteers at Second Chance had met Kayci and our hearts go out to Joanne and Dick.

Harry (fka Georgie)
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
December, 2004

Harry started getting what we thought was a third eyelid infection in late August. When that treatment didn't help, they did a biopsy and it turned out to be cancerous. His eye was removed in Oct. He was doing great. Didn't miss the eye at all, more playful and outgoing. Then we started noticing alot of food in his water dish. I took him back to the vets. His reflex to swallow seemed to be gone (probably the cancer had affected his brain or nervous system). We tried steriods but it really didn't help. I finally decided that the poor guy had been through enough. I couldn't let him literally starve himself to death. He was put to sleep about 3 weeks ago. He was such a great cat for the short time I had him. He's the first cat I'd had in about 9 years. My other Dobe hated cats. Before that we always had a cat in the house (at one time 4). He slept with me every night and had to sit on your lap all the time. Even if you were trying to read, he just crawled on top of your book. Everyone at the vets office kind of got attached to him too. He was just such a nice cat.. Thanks for Harry. If I had known what would have happened, I'd still have adopted him. This is the last picture I have of Harry (Georgie) and our dog Kaiser. They got to be good friends. I really miss him.

Always, Deb O'Brien

Second Chance was saddened to hear of Harry's passing. Volunteers knew him as Georgie, a sleek black cat who was very sweet and loving.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
October, 2004

I just wanted you to know that my dog Apollo, the Doberman, died on October 18th. He had a heart attack on my bed. He did not suffer. It was over very quick (about 6 seconds). He was an awesome dog and I miss him terribly.

Michael M.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
July 8, 2004

When we found Cocoa as a 6 yrs old, a victim from a bitter divorce, she had been at her second home for only a few days. The home who took her in was not accepting of a her very few quirks, one of which was that she liked food......a lot; not just her food, but anybody's. When we got Cocoa, she was underweight and her fur matted; this explained some of her food quirks. Cocoa had been tied to a table and left alone most of her days from her divorced family.

Her first steps into our home, up the stairs she went, jumped into our bed next to my husband who was sleeping....she was home. Cocoa gave us all of her love and appreciation. Though she could clear a tray of cinnamon rolls in one sweep, we learned quickly that instead of Cocoa adapting to us, that there were times that we had to adapt to her; we kept our food up high or guarded with the "you snooze and you loose attitude."

A month back, what our first vet thought was old age, on a second opinion turned out to be cancer. There was nothing we could do, but make Cocoa comfortable; we chose to do that instead of having her put to sleep. Every week our new vet called to check on her; when we knew in our hearts it was time, we made the most difficult decision to have her put to sleep in our home. We miss Cocoa, quirks and all.

Julie Thomas

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Delivered and hand carried to the beach by Diane, Brooke was adopted in June of 2001. She was so very soft furred - part tiger and part Maine Coon, but she was very skittish. Although she avoided adults, she loved my grandchildren, Nicholas and Christina. Christina was the first one she purred for and they became great buddies from the beginning. She didn't seem to mind dogs and other cats but was very afraid of adults. It took about 4 months to get her to stop cowering when I would raise my hand to pet her. By the end of her life she became very lovey. I think I should have renamed her "Springer". She was quick as lightening when she wanted to leave your presence. She had a hard time with the polyp in her ear. She was operated on twice in September and the last time showed she had cancer. She had a peaceful last few months and died during the coldest part of January. My dad was able to use the back-hoe and bury her with our other family pets, but she will be remembered for all the joy and company she gave me and my family.

Nancy K. Gilbert

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
2000 - February 2004

Seamus's journey to Second Chance was by way of three different owners. His first left him with another family member who did not want him so they let him go. Found by a good samaritan and ultimately adopted by her, Seamus spent a couple weeks trying to adjust to the strange, furry feline that resided in the household, but he had never been around cats and they just couldn't figure out how to get along. So the kind hearted lady surrendered sweet Seamus to Second Chance. This red-coated Golden proved to be happy, friendly, and loving - so true to his breed. While he was with Second Chance, he developed a bladder infection which we began treating him for, but we soon realized that he would be best served by purebred rescue so he was transferred to Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue. YGRR continued treating him, but he was not responding to the anitbiotics. They switched to a stronger medication, but still Seamus showed no improvement. YGRR brought him for additional tests and during exam the vet found a tumor on his liver. During surgery to remove the tumor, they discovered that the cancer in had spread throughout his body. Seamus quiety crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This soft hearted fellow will be remembered by all of us who knew him and allowed ourselves to be touched by his wonderful spirit. Good-bye Seamus.

Miss Cutie Petutti
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
1997 - December 30, 2003

Six years ago brought home in a box
A baby beaver you were not
It's your kitty Ed you'll feed water and litter
Petutti knew mom would do it without bitter
I'll run and scamper, skid, and slide
I'll climb the Christmas tree just for a hide
She'll never find me as I peek
Through the branches and leap at her feet
She's going to love me I'll melt her heart
I'll talk with her daily she'll see I'm quite smart
I'll bring her presents a mouse here and there
I'll meow at the door with a constant stare
She'll be so proud of me when she sees what I've brought
She'll hardly contain herself, it's only a start
I'll peek through the window when I want to come in
She'll come running to open. this is a win win
I'll come running when she calls me, no matter how far
I'll meow through the woods so the door stays ajar
Some nights I'm out hunting, I like to do that
I'll meow by her window so she'll know I'm her cat
Get up mommy and let me in
It's been a long night my dinner's wearing thin
Just a treat or two right next to the stove
I'll lead you to it, I don't mean to boast
I'll wait for the big guy next the bathroom door
Just watch me lead him down to the next floor
With his big hands a fresh fist of food
My tummy is full and sleep is the mood
I knew they would love me
What more could they ask
A companion, a mouser
I'm much more than a cat!
Miss Cutie Petutti known by many
You've stolen my heart and left it empty

Jeanette Tetreault

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
July 1990 - October 2003

We said goodbye to our loving cocker spaniel yesterday. I'm at a lost for words when I have to think of a single moment in time that our Ginger didn't impact our lives. We got her 13 yrs. ago at Wickaboug Veterinary Clinic when no one seemed to want her, she had many issues that made her a throw away, she was a fear biter, had food issues and she would either bite and/or urinate if you came down to pet her too fast. We had so many people say I think you should just put her down. Well my friend I have to say we stuck through all of it and she was the best friend with 4 legs I have ever met. We lost her Boston Terrier sister Brandy 3 short months ago, I feel in my heart she is up with her and they are comforting each other over the loss of their human family, this breaks my heart. I think Ginger gave us so much joy and not once ever asked for anything in return. We will forever look back and wonder if in some way she is trailing behind. We love you and send you over the Rainbow Bridge.

Doug, Brenda, Tiffany and Tyler Wood

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
January 1994 - July 2003

Brandy was full of life she didn't leave our side, she loved her knotted rope and could hang on to that rope and pull Tyler around for hours not to mention our neighborhood kids, Luke and Jack. She loved playing ball, not catch I mean I want your ball so I can pop it, if you had a ball she would chase that ball around till it was hers, so if you had a ball you wanted, hide it because here comes Brandy. Our daughter Tiffany kept her toys hidden or no one would of gotten any sleep, she would cry below your feet at any hour demanding a game of tug a war. She was a wonderful younger sister to Ginger our 13 yr. old Cocker Spaniel, she would get that old girl outside and want to get her to be involved with all of us, I truly believe she thought she was a puppy. I can tell you as long as I live we will never find a dog that was so loyal and giving as our Brandy Girl.

She had epilepsy and was being treated with Phenobarbitol twice a day for the last 4 months of her life, we saw her go from a dog with a will to live to a dog that just existed and that my friend was one of the hardest family decision I ever had to make, in two days she became a vegetable and I wasn't willing to let her die that way. She is at peace and looking down over us, hoping to some day be joined together once again. She will forever have a piece of our hearts with her in heaven. We love you.

The Wood Family.

For more information on canine seizure disorders, visit these sites:

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Sometime in 2000 - May 2, 2003

Bijou was left tied to a pound fence back in April, apparently abandoned by her family. This little three year old sweety was taken into foster care after her first seizure. A blood workup showed nothing obvious and she was placed on anti-seizure medication. Bijou continued to have seizures even while on the medication. Her foster mom, Diana, comforted Bijou through her seizures. Finally, when Bijou went four days without a seizure, we thought she was finally responding to the medication. Then she took a turn for the worse and experienced un-relenting seizures during the night. Again, Diana stayed with her and made her as comfortable as possible, but her little body was shutting down and there was nothing the vets could do for her. Bijou crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We know she is at peace now and we'll see her again one day. For more information on canine seizure disorders, visit these sites:

Commander Cody
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Sometime in 2002 - March 22, 2003

February 20, 2003, Cody arrived at Second Chance from local animal control after no one came to claim him. This 1 year old Blue Tick Coonhound was starved for love and training. He was placed with an experienced foster mom, Darlene, who eagerly took him under her wing. His very first day in foster care, Cody had a seizure. A vet visit and blood work showed no immediate cause for the seizure and he was placed on Phenobarbitol, an anti-seizure medication. His seizures seemed to be under control. Over the next several weeks, Cody made great progress in his foster home. He went on many walks, played with his foster brothers and sisters, and always looked forward to long walks in the woods. Tragically, on the morning of March 22, Cody had another seizure. This time he did not recover. His foster mom rushed him to the vet, but his seizure continued for over an hour, and the medications would not stop it. Commander Cody crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We miss him terribly, but know he is at peace waiting for the day when he will see us again. For more information on canine seizure disorders, visit these sites:

Keno (aka Mozie)
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Unknown - September 5, 2001

Second Chance is devastated by the loss of Keno, the sweet, loving Rottweiler that came under our care last year after he was found at a local pound. Many of you may remember Keno's story, many of you contributed generously to his surgeries, many of you cared deeply about this dog. He appreciated you by living his life to the fullest in an excellent, loving home after his recovery. We honor him today as he crosses the Rainbow Bridge after losing his battle with advanced liver disease. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Sylvia and Carole, Keno's caring owners. Keno will be greatly missed.