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Thanks to our Super Stars!

Second Chance is pleased to present our Star Supporters! These individuals, groups, organizations or businesses have contributed generously to the shelter and we greatly appreciate their support!

Thank you to Audrey and Barney!
BIG thank you to Audrey and Barney for collecting donations at their birthday party for the shelter. They brought us a truckload! Not only are they adorable dogs but they want to help the homeless dogs and cats in our care too!!! Happy Birthday and thank you!

Thank you Charlton Middle School NJHS!
On June 11th, Second Chance's Outreach Program was invited to attend a meeting of the National Junior Honor Society at Charlton Middle Schools. We spoke about the mission of the shelter and its role in the community. We also spoke about the varied volunteer opportunities at the shelter. Many of the students expressed an interest in volunteering. Thank you to the NJHS for their hard work this year, and for giving Second Chance a wonderful donation. The donation from Charlton's NJHS is very much appreciated. They are a great group of students who work hard for their school and community.

Thank you Troop #11578 of North Brookfield!
On May 7th Troop 11578 from North Brookfield visited the shelter. After the tour of the shelter the girls decided that they wanted to show their support for Second Chance. On May 27th, troop marched in the North Brookfield Memorial Day Parade. The girls carried a beautifully decorated sign that had large letters proclaiming "We Love Second Chance". The girls pulled wagons filled with stuffed animals, and some of their very own dogs came to the parade too. The girls also handed out doggie biscuits to people along the parade route. A huge thank you to Troop 11578 for their wonderful support.

Thank You to the Children in the JCC Blue Room!
On May 13th Second Chance visited the children in the preschool Blue Room at the JCC in Worcester. We talked about taking care of pets and how the shelter helps animals who need new homes. We also talked about the shelter helping pet owners keep their pets in their homes. The letter written by the children with the help of their teachers Jessica and Caitlin describes what the children did. Thank you to the children and teachers in the blue room at the JCC for their good deed.

Thank You Daisy/Brownie Troop #33047 of Spencer!
Thank you to Daisy/ Brownie Troop #33047 of Spencer for visiting Second Chance. The girls wanted to learn about the shelter and to see some of the dogs and cats that were waiting for their forever homes. Along with their visit the Troop brought along a variety of donated items for the cats and dogs. Thank you very much for your visit and for your donations.

Thank You Princeton Girl Scouts!
On April 14th a group of Girl Scouts from Princeton visited Second Chance. They were a great group who were eager to learn about the shelter and what the shelter does to help animals find their forever homes and to help keep animals in their own homes. At the end of their visit the girls made Happy Socks to give to all of the resident cats at the shelter. The Happy Socks were much appreciated by the cats. I know that the girls enjoyed seeing and learning about all of the dogs and cats at the shelter. Thank you for your visit.

Thank You Brimfield Elementary School!
In March, Second Chance Animal Shelter was invited to Community Reading Day at the Brimfield Elementary School. Harley, Second Chance’s ambassador rescue Golden Retriever went along for the visit. The students listened to a presentation about Second Chance and the ways the shelter helps animals and people. Also visiting during Community Reading Day was Toto the rescued tornado kitty. It was fun meeting Toto and we were told that Toto is a big fan of Second Chance. Thank you to the students and staff of Brimfield Elementary School for inviting us and for their donation to the shelter.

Thank You Paranormal for Paws!
Thank you to the Paranormal for Paws event held in Worcester in April. The proceeds from this event were over $600. and will go directly to helping the pets at Second Chance!

Thank You Daelan and Payson Ahearn!
Daelan and Payson celebrated their 7th and 4th birthdays (respectively) at Bogey Lanes and since we have two shelter dogs in our family, they decided that a Party For Pets was a great idea. It took some convincing to have them give up the gifts for themselves, but in the end, they realized how important it is to give to others when you have been blessed with so much. The party was a great success and our friends brought two huge bins of items for the Second Chance need list and many of our guests commented that they loved the idea and would love to do the same for their next party; so I hope we have started a trend. Thanks for your support and for all the goodies to help us with the party!

Love, The Ahearn Family

Thank You Country Bank!
Thank you to the employees of Country Bank for Savings. During their “dress down” they chose Second Chance as the recipient of the funds from dressing down on Fridays in January! And, Country Bank matched the employee contributions for a wonderful donation of $3,800.00! Thank you Country Bank!

Warren Community Elementary School
After about a month of collecting items for Second Chance, 15 Student Ambassadors with their chaperones from Warren Community Elementary School delivered the collected donations. They had collected a great array of items. The students and parents received a tour of the shelter. Many of the students and parents fell in love with the dogs and cats. The dogs and cats enjoyed their attention from the visit. Thank you very much to the students and members of WCES for thinking of the animals at Second Chance. The Outreach Team is looking forward to participating in the WCES Wellness Night on March 14th. Also thank you to Deb Ryzewski, a teacher at the school, for organizing the donation drive. Deb is now also a volunteer at Second Chance.

Oxford Middle School
A junior volunteer for Second Chance Animal Shelter who attends Oxford Middle School in Oxford spoke very highly of Second Chance at one of their National Junior Honor Society meetings. That is how the collection drive for Second Chance began at the Oxford Middle School. Joanne Grzembski teacher and NJHS Advisor contacted the shelter to ask about different ways their students could help the shelter. They decided on a donation drive. After about a month of collecting items, on December 21st a representative from the Outreach Team was sent to Oxford Middle School to pick up the much needed items. The students had done a great job of collecting food and other items for the shelter. Thank you to the NJHS and students at Oxford Middle School for thinking of Second Chance. A special thank you goes to the junior volunteer for volunteering at the shelter and for speaking about Second Chance to the NJHS in Oxford. By talking to her group about Second Chance the animals at the shelter received many need items. Way to go!!!

Thank You to Kidstop Preschool in Ware!
On November 4, a representative from Second Chance’s Outreach Program visited Kidstop Preschool in Ware. Harley, the golden retriever accompanied the outreach representative. The students and teachers had set up a donation wish box for Second Chance. The students learned about pet safety. They practiced the correct way to greet a dog and to hand a dog a treat. The students also learned about the basics of pet care, including an animals needs for sleep, exercise, grooming, and nutrition. The teachers will have the opportunity to read to their students from the books “May I Pet Your Dog?” and “Are You Ready for Me?’ which were donated to the school by Second Chance. The books talk about how to greet a dog and how take care of a dog and what a dog needs. The students enjoyed the visit…especially from Harley. Harley was happy because the students presented him with a brand new toy to take home. Thank you students and teachers for thinking of the animals at Second Chance.

Thank You to a Great Group of Fourth Graders and their Teachers!
Thank you to the students in Nancy Heppenstall and Kyle Carey’s fourth grade classes in the Oakham Center School. The 41 students read the book the Lemonade War in which the two main characters have a competition to raise money for a local animal shelter. The fourth grade Oakham students decided to have their own “lemonade war” and sold 10 gallons of lemonade to their classmates to make over $100.00. The students voted and decided to donate the money Second Chance. Several of the students knew about Second Chance because they had adopted their pets from the shelter. A representative from Second Chance’s Outreach program visited the school to talk about the shelter and the ways it helps the animals in the communities. Thank you again to a great group of students and their teachers in the fourth grade at the Oakham Center School.

Hats Off to Burlington Girl Scout Troup 71605
A huge thank you goes to the Burlington Girl Scout Troup 71605 and their leaders for helping Second Chance Animal Shelter. Working on their Bronze Award, the girls held a donation drive for the shelter collecting an amazing amount of much needed items. The girls also toured the shelter, and made “Happy Socks” and Spiders for the cats in residence. The cats really enjoyed their toys and the girls’ visits. The girls also visited the Wellness Center and spent a few hours making signs for the Shelter’s annual Poker Run and Run, Walk, Wag Events. The signs were put to good use. The girls also walked in the Run, Walk Wag. The Troup spent many hours helping the Shelter. Their enthusiasm and support is much appreciated.

Thank You to Grade 2 classes at N. Brookfield Elementary School
At the invitation of second grade teacher, Mrs. Edwards, Second Chance's Outreach visited Grade 2 classes at the North Brookfield Elementary School. The group was interested in hearing about the shelter and the programs offered by the shelter. The students were particularly interested in the Wellness and Education Center since the school is a neighbor of the Center's. The students then colllected and donated items from the Shelter's wish list. Golden Retriever Harley, a Second Chance Alumni and owned by Lindsay Doray, came along for for the visit. He was a huge hit. The students then wrote an acrostic poem thanking Second Chance for the visit.Thank you to North Brookfield's Second Grade for supporting Second Chance Animal Shelter.

Thank You to Girl Scout Troop 11314 from Spencer MA
The girls from Scout Troop 11314 in Spencer toured Second Chance his spring. They really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and hearing about the programs available to help the animals at Second Chance and in the community. Then on May 19th the Girl Scout Troop held a Spaghetti Dinner at Mary Queen of the Rosary Church in Spencer. A big thank you to this troop for their community service and support of Second Chance.

Thank You Daisy Troop 11180 from Warren, MA!
Thank you to Daisy Troop 11180 from Warren for visiting and showing support for the animals at Second Chance. The Daisies were great visitors and they really enjoyed seeing the dogs and cats at the shelter. They had great questions about the shelter and there were enthusiastic and interested visitors. Thank you again for your support!

Thank You Tri-Parish Sunday School!
On April 29th the Hardwick/New Braintree Tri-Parish Sunday School visted the shelter for a tour. Among the donations they brought were blankets they made for the cats. The cats will certainly appreciate them. They were a great group and really enjoyed their visit. Thank you Tri-Parish Sunday School.

Thank You Megan Frisella!
On March 31st I had my 10th birthday party at CoCo Key Water Resort. I didn't feel the need for any birthday presents, so I told my Mom I wanted to donate presents. I decided to donate all my gifts to Second Chance Animal Shelter because I love animals. I have two cats, one dog, one hamster, three tadpoles, and two snails. I sent a letter to all the girls I invited asking them for donations off the wish list from Second Chance. I received food, toys, beds, buckets and more! I'm so excited for all the animals that my friends and I helped. I can't wait to bring all the gifts to the shelter. I hope some of my friends were encouraged to help out animals, just like me. Megan Frisella

Thank You Wire Village School!
The Wire Village Peer Leaders from Wire Village School in Spencer, a group of 5th and 6th grade volunteers, held a fundraiser in December. They voted to donate part of the money raised to Second Chance Animal Shelter.The Peer Leaders also collected donated items for the shelter throughout the month of January.

On February 17, 2012, Carol Kelley came to our school from Second Chance to speak to our students about the role of the shelter, pet care, and pet responsibility. The Peer Leaders were able to present her with a check for $250.00 and over 50 items that had been donated. Great job Peer Leaders and Studens of Wire Village School.

Thank You to Boy Scout Pack 8 Den 3!
The Boys Scouts Andrew, Mason, and Gaige, from Pack 8 Den 3 in Holland MA visted Second Chance. The boys collected socks and made Happy Socks for the cats and kittens at the shelter. After making the socks, the boys received a tour of the shelter and presented each of the cats and kittens with the newly made Happy Socks. The cats were thrilled with their gifts. The Scouts did a great job.

Thank You to Covidien!

Covidien split the departments into four teams and collected items for themed baskets (Spring, Movie, Beach, and Car). Salary employees donated the items for the baskets and a group of volunteers put the baskets together. The baskets were displayed in the plant and raffle tickets were sold for $1.00 each. While this was going on, we set up a collection point for donated items (food, toys, etc.). We created the display board so employees could "show off" their pets. We had everything from kittens to chickens posted. It was a lot of fun and the employees were really excited and generous.

Thank You to Elizabeth Tebo!
Elizabeth chose to have a "Party for Pets" for Second Chance! She and her friends gave donations to the shelter instead of birthday presents for Elizabeth's 6th birthday party. Elizabeth is pictured here with her mom, brother, and cousin. Thanks from all the cats and dogs at Second Chance!

Thank You to Nathan Y. for Taking a Stance!
Take a Stance for Second Chance - Supply Drive!

Nathan Y. is organizing the supply drive. The goal is to collect much needed supplies for this amazing animal shelter.

For details, check out this great cause on Facebook!

Thank You to Warren, MA Girl Scout Troop 11149!
On July 11th Brownie Troop 11149 from Warren visited the shelter. The animals really enjoyed their visit. Second Chance would like to thank the Troop for their donation to the shelter. They presented Second Chance with a check of $100. All of the animals at Second Chance really appreciate Brownie Troop 11149 for their kindness and support.

Thank You to Mike Capers!

Thank you to Mike Capers who put together this great fundraiser at the Lucky Dog in Worcester. This event helped to raise over 2,300. for Second Chance! This event shows how one person, bringing together a community, can help animals in need. Thanks Mike!

Thank You to Compatible Canine!
Thank you to the Compatible Canine Holistic Pet Center in Fiskdale, MA for their generous donation of food to Second Chance. They donated appoximately 500 pounds of food! Thank you to all of the clients of the Center for contributing to the donation. A special thank you to one client who donated two large bags of food in memory of the 12 1/2 year old companion she just lost. Your donation is much appreciated.

Thank You to Ware, MA Girl Scout Troops 20300 and 20396!
On April 25th, Second Chance had the pleasure of visits by Girl Scout Troops 20300 and 20396 from Ware, MA. The girls had many questions pertaining to their Pet Care Badge. The dogs and cats thank the girl scouts for all of the donations they brought to the shelter. The cats especially send a thank you for their "Happy Socks".

Thank You to Pakachoag School in Auburn!
Second Chance Animal Shelter's Educational Outreach team was invited to speak about Second Chance, pet care, pet responsibility and dog bite prevention to the students in Grades 3, 4,and 5 at Pakachoag School in Auburn. There are 12 homerooms at the school. Each of the twelve homerooms received a clear plastic bin. For approximately four weeks, the students in each homeroom collected items needed by the shelter. In addition, grade three wrote poems about pets, grade four drew posters on pet responsibility, and grade five had the task of tallying and graphing in pounds all of the food items collected. Each grade did a super job. At the end of their collection drive, a pickup track and car were needed to bring all of the items back to the shelter! The students at the school also voted to sponsor a cat cage for one year.

Thank you to all of the students for helping the animals at Second Chance and for being such good listeners, and thank you to Deb Kozik, Principal, for allowing us to visit the Pakachoag School. A very special thank you to Sharon Hennessey for organizing this wonderful event.

Thank You to Madison!
Madison chose to have her friends bring donations for the shelter in lieu of presents for herself at her 9th birthday party. She received many food and toy donations.Thanks from all the cats and dogs at Second Chance!

Thank You to Auburn Brownies and Daisies!
Thank you from Second Chance Animal Shelter to the Auburn Brownies Troop # 30090 and to the Auburn Daisies Troop # 30197. For one month starting in March and ending in April the Brownies and Daisies worked together to hold a food drive for Second Chance. They placed their donation box at the Auburn Petco. On April 18th the Brownies and Daisies brought their donations to the shelter. The Brownies and Daisies were given a tour of the shelter so they could meet the wonderful animals up for adoption.

Thank You to Tantasqua Regional Junior High School!
Students at Tantasqua Regional Junior High School enjoyed a visit with "Cali" (Carol and Theresa). A brief presentation was given to the students about the shelter and the role of the shelter in the community. Students presented a donation to Second Chance Animal Shelter. The money was raised through the sale of "Compassion Cards"-student art on note cards. (Carol, Theresa, and Cali were very impressed with the beautiful art work on the cards.)

Thanks to Norman Tonelli
Thank you to Norman Tonelli for donating the proceeds from his CD sales to Second Chance!

Thank You to Compatible Canine!
On December 5th and 6th Compatible Canine Holistic Center located at 29 Brookfield Road, Fiskdale, MA held an open house. For the second year in a row, Compatible Canine 's open house featured a wide array of fundraiser items for both dogs and cats. All proceeds from the fundraiser benefitted Second Chance. Dog and cat food donations were also collected.

Kathy Menard of Compatible Canine is looking forward to next year's third annual fund raiser. Thank you Compatible Canine for your continued support.

Thank You to This Outstanding Group of Kids!
Second Chance would like to thank Andre, Preeta, Isaiah, Natalie, and Xia Xing for their recent donation! They are part of the Junior Youth Empowerment Group at North Village Apartments in Amherst, MA. They baked brownies and sold them to college students in the dorms. The shelter will use this money to buy new toys for the dogs and cats at Second Chance!

Thanks to TD Bank
Thank you Christine Duquette and TD Bank for hosting food/item drive at the 370 Main Street, Worcester MA bank during Shelter Appreciation Week. German Shepherd Xcailbur (Cal) and two Second Chance volunteers visited the bank on November 6th for a few hours to culminate the drive. Items were generously donated from bank employees and well as business partners and customers of the bank. Thanks you to TD Bank and to everyone who contributed to the drive.

Happy Birthday Audrey!
Audrey's BirthdayThank you to "Audrey". This cute little dog had a birthday party on June 28th and asked for donations for the shelter. Audrey had 20 well behaved doggie guests and parents at the party. Thank you to Billy and John for hosting Audrey's birthday party and helping to make it a HUGE success!

Thanks to Country Bank!
Country Bank Pet Food DriveThank you to Country Bank for hosting a Pet Food Drive on June 6th. Country Bank did a wonderful job of helping in the community by hosting this event. Many people came by throughout the morning to drop off supplies. By the end of the drive, the shelter van was packed full of wonderful pet food and supplies. Thank you to Country Exotics for their large donation of pet food that they brought that day as well. Great job Country Bank!

Thanks to Verizon in Palmer, MA
Puppy on Cell PhoneThank you to the Verizon store of Palmer for their month of May fundraiser for our shelter! The collection of donations as well as providing the shelter with a percentage of all accessory sales will help our homeless pets. We sincerely appreciate the support of Verizon to help out in the community by helping our homeless pets!

Lemonade Stand Raises $$ for Second Chance
Lemonade StandAddia, Cassidy, Jagger, and Kylie set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Second Chance. Big thanks to these young entrepreneurs!

Monson Troop 421
Monson Troop 421A big thank you to Monson Troop 421. Working on their Bronze Award, the sixth graders placed collection boxes for Second Chance in the Monson Schools and in the Monson Library. The Troop collected food and many other much needed items for the shelter. The troop also volunteered two hours at the shelter assembling the cat adoption packets. Thank you to Monson Troop 421 and their leaders for choosing Second Chance for your community service project.

West Brookfield Friends of Second Chance
W. Brookfield Friends of Second Chance Thank you to four West Brookfield friends of Second Chance for collecting $500 for the shelter. These very enterprising sixth graders raised the donation by selling candy and water at West Brookfield's annual Asparagus Festival. Great job! The jumbo size version of the check is now hanging on a wall at the shelter. Thank you to these friends for choosing to help the animals at Second Chance.

Thanks to Tantasqua National Honor Society!
SPAW On May 17th the National Honor Society at Tantasqua High School held a Dog Walk for Second Chance. Even though the day was overcast, it was a very successful day and everyone was in great spirits. The NHS raised $1000 for the shelter!! It was a fun walk and a fun day. Emily Fournier spear headed the walk. There were other NHS students and faculty on hand to help. Danielle Cloutier, Patricia Jones, Hayley Sullivan, Jacob Hiker, Sara Thomas, Marissa Laughrin, Courtney Little, Pat Bresette, Christine Little, Katie Monopoli, Trevor Hiko, Allison Kane, Gabe Woolf-Sullivan, Mrs. St. Jean, Mr. Pratt and Mrs Breinlinger all participated. Thank you to everyone.

There were prizes awarded in four categories.
Cody Shea won as the Elementary School and top fund raiser
Emily Escobar as the Jr. High winner
Allison Kane as the High School winner
Karen and Joe Fournier as the adult winners

Great job National Honor Society!

Thanks to SPAW at WPI
SPAW SPAW at WPI raised $321 for Second Chance!

Students Promoting Animal Welfare (SPAW) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a self-propelled organization that aims at relieving the pain and suffering of animals through fundraising and volunteer efforts. SPAW avoids the political complications of "animal rights", welcoming both sides of the debate to stand up and recognize the undeniable crisis of animal abuse and suffering. WPI students ranging from the casual dog lover to the rights activist come together to make a proactive effort for animal rescue and protection.

Thanks to Christy!
Thank you so much for my best birthday gift ever. She was about 5 months old when I adopted her on my 8th birthday! I paid for her with my own money so Mom and Dad couln't change their minds and bring her back to the shelter. This year on my 11th birthday I decided to help more animals and asked that donations be given to the shelter instead of bringing me gifts. I hope everyone can find the joy and love I found when I aodpted my cat, Crystal. Thanks again! Christy

Ashlyn, Lydia, Kalie, Ariana and Collin
Ashlyn, Lydia, Kalie, Ariana and Collin surprised Second Chance with a generous $96.41 donation! They have also filled out volunteer forms to help out the shelter. Big thanks to them for all their help!

Cub Scout Pack 118
Second Chance would like to thank Cub Scout Pack 118 of West Brookfield for collecting a variety of "wish list" items for the shelter. They even brought a donation from one of the third grade teacher's who had adopted a dog from Second Chance! The dogs and cats at Second Chance thank the Scouts very much for their generosity.

Cub Scout Troop 161
Second Chance would like to thank Cub Scout Troop 161 for their generosity! They came to the shelter on February 6th with donations and made Happy Socks for the cats. "Meows" of thanks could be heard throughout the cat room!

Kenneth Bernier's Eagle Scout Project
Special thank you to Kenneth Bernier who did his Eagle Scout project for the shelter. Kenneth earned his Eagle Scout status by collecting donations. Kenneth collected an entire TRUCKLOAD of donations for Second Chance. Way to go Kenneth - thank you!!!

A Birthday Party for Second Chance!
Amy Kady for the second year in a row has decided to ask guests attending her birthday party to bring donations for Second Chance instead of gifts for her. She received many food and toy donations as well as gift cards and cash for the shelter. Her guests even commented on how fun it was to go shopping and pick out some special things for the animals who need so much!! Amy also volunteers at the shelter and gets to see just how the donations are used to help all the wonderful animals who pass through here. Thank you again Amy for your devotion to the shelter.

A Wagon (or Waggin!) Full for Second Chance!
Kelsie, a very enterprising and hard working 11 year old decided to go door to door with her dog and a wagon, and ask neighbors and friends for donations for Second Chance. She enlisted the help of some of her friends, and she organized and ran the program herself. She was able to collect an amazing $300 !!! Being an animal lover she knew how much help our pets needed and she stepped up to do all she could to help, and boy did she ever succeed!! Thank you so much Kelsie you are definitely a STAR in our eyes.

Yesteryears Gifts Raffle
In the month of May, Yesteryears Gifts raffled off a beautiful gift basket for Second Chance. From myself and from my customers, we are sending you $125 to use at your discretion. The basket was donated by Dawna Sauvageau. Dawna makes the most irresistable soy candle for us, under the name Kandles N Thyme. She is also a veterinarian technician. On behalf of all of us, thank you for all the good work you do. We will continue to promote your cause on our website. Sincerely, Gail King

A Birthday Party for Joe Craig
Joe Craig is a volunteer and board member of Second Chance. For his birthday in February, his grandchildren Audrey, Julie, Sydney and Bailey did something special. Instead of gifts for him, they knew he would appreciate it much more if the gifts were for the pets at Second Chance that he loves so much. He not only commits his time here, but his heart as well. They collected box after box loaded with donations for the shelter. What a wonderful birthday gift for Joe and a thoughtful gift for the shelter pets. Thank you!!

Dog and Cats Mats
Charlton Summit ElderCare who are making wonderful dog and cat mats. It is wonderful all the great items made by the elderly groups that make such a great positive impact on the pets at our shelter. Thank you!

A Birthday Party for Second Chance!
Caitlin Clairborne chose to have her friends bring donations for the shelter in lieu of presents for herself at her recent birtday party. Caitlin's mom, Tracey Pakstis-Clairborne, helped set up the party and WOW were the guests generous! Thanks from all the cats and dogs at Second Chance!

A Birthday Party for Second Chance!
BIG thank you to Braman C. and his family and friends who donated $40 to Second Chance! Braman asked his friends to give money instead of gifts for his 6th birthday so he could give it to the shelter! Second Chance and the animals say THANKS!