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Help Needed for Leo!

You Can Help Give Leo a Second Chance!

July 11, 2013: Wanted to give everyone an update on Leo! It's been a long road for this little one. The surgery went well but there was a reaction/infection that followed the surgery to put in the plates and screws. It took a few weeks of treatment for this to finally get better. But, in the meantime his leg has healed beautifully! Last week he began putting weight on the leg. The next day after putting weight on the leg, he figured out he could run!! He is now using his leg/paw normally and is running and playing with his feline friend - and the foster mom has decided to adopt him! He is so attached to their other cat that they do not want to separate them - and of course, they have fallen in love with this little guy. We were hoping to get a video of him up but he now won't sit still long enough for that :) Thank you everyone for helping to make this little miracle happen!!!

LeoJune 1, 2013: Update on Leo! He got his splint off to checked his leg. Vet says is looking good. He will still need to have the splint for another 10 days or so to see how the bones are doing. Hoping he can have that off soon and we can watch him watch on that fixed leg! Thakn you to everyone that has helped to make this little miracle possible!

May 24, 2013: LEO is recovering in his foster home - and.....his foster mom is planning on adopting this little cutie! How could anyone let this one go? He is doing well and getting his bandages changed regularly. We are looking forward to the bandages coming off and seeing his straightened foot! Thank you to everyone that helped with donations for this surgery. We truly appreciate your support and Leo says thank you!!!

LeoMay 15, 2013: Thought we'd share this picture of Leo with his little cast on his leg. He is doing wonderful so far. He has a few weeks of recovery to go but he is happy to be back with his foster mom!

Leo May 14, 2013: Update on Leo - the surgeon had to fuse the paw since he would never had normal movement in it. The leg has 9 pins to make it more "normal". So looks like the leg is saved and he will be able to use that leg for stability etc. He won't have full movement but we are very happy that we didn't have to amputate the leg. Leo will now be able to be a more normal kitten! Thank you to everyone that donated for his care. It was an expensive surgeon for this little one, but to this little one, it means a new life :)

May 13, 2013: Happy to report that Leo's surgery went well and he is resting comfortably. We will know more tomorrow on how it went. Right now he is resting from this extensive surgery and we are looking forward to getting him back to his foster mom tomorrow :) Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We will have more to tell soon!

April 26, 2013: Leo went to the special orthopedic surgeon and it has been decided to move forward with the surgery. We won't know until the surgery is complete whether they will have to fuse the bone or if they can reposition the bones with plates so he can walk normally. We have this special page set up to help raise the $1,900.00 it will cost for the surgery and follow up care.

April 19, 2013: Leo visited the specialist and will soon be scheduled for surgery. We will keep you posted and we are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for a happy turnout of the surgery!

April 8, 2013: Leo is now in foster care being cared for by one of our loving foster moms. He has undergone x-rays to see the extent of the deformity and a team of veterinarians are now accessing these x-rays to determine how to help Leo. We'll keep you posted!

Leo's Story

This precious little one arrived at our shelter with a serious problem, he was having a hard time walking. Why? Because his back leg was severely deformed. He is currently undergoing medical exam to find out if this paw was broken shortly after birth and healed badly or if it is a birth defect. He ha been named "Leo" and is the sweetest.

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